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Going to be Another Fun Night

Right now, the people working are as follows: me, Mark, Jess, Ange, and Steve. Mark's supposed to be done at 3:30 (I really don't see what difference the extra half hour makes), Jess at 2 or something, but Josh is going to try convince her to start later and stay to close, Steve is scheduled to leave at 4, but might stay to close, but otherwise, it'll be me and Ange closing by ourselves. On a Saturday night, no less. Ugh. As long as the store's in fairly good shape at 4, we should be alright, but otherwise, no.

Three more days to go (counting today), then I get a single day off, followed by one more shift on Wednesday, then mysteriously have Thursday off again. For their own sake, they'd better hope my schedule doesn't get changed so I'm working that night. But after that, I work a couple more days, then have Sunday and Monday off (at least I think I have Sunday off, but it'd make sense, seeing as it's Canada Day), I'm not quite sure about Tuesday, and that's as far as the new schedule goes.

Alec's back on the schedule as well now, except his shifts are slightly different than before. He works next Thursday and Friday (I think), 5 - 11. So we should hopefully have a dining room closer both those nights, but at the same time, it makes me wonder if he's ever going to be closing again?

But one more fun thing about last night, for now. Broke one of the headsets, unintentionally. Was in the bathroom, taking care of business, when a car pulled up, so I went to tell them "I'll be with you in just a minute", waited for about 30 seconds, heard the guys in the car say something like "... yeah... just waiting for this guy to get his f*cking sh*t together", so I went to pick up the headset off the back of the toilet to tell them "Pull up to the window and someone will take your order there", and in the process, managed to drop it in the toilet :s I'm not sure if it'll work any better having had a chance to dry out now, but we'll see tonight :3

Don't know what I'm going to do about getting home, but I figure Ange is closing, so I might be able to get a ride with her, and if not, just walk or something. I really want to, one of these nights, bring along money so I can walk home, and stop by 7-11 on the way to grab some snacks or something, but that'd really be ruined by having to work the next day, thinking again. Meh. Maybe Monday night~

And I've been rethinking what I'm going to do for taking care of the dogs for Shelia. From what Josh was telling me last night, they leave 9 in the morning on the 14th, and will have already let the dogs out by then. So I'll probably stop by at 9 in the morning then, sit outside with them for half an hour or so, let them back in the house, give them a bit more attention, make sure they have their food, then leave. Stop by again around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, to clean up any messes, and let them out in the backyard again for half an hour or so, then put them back in the house. Then stop by for a final time at 8, give them more food, play with them, and give them about an hour to calm down, then put them to bed. From then on, follow the same schedule, except go over there at 10 in the morning instead of 9. I'm going to have to stop by Taco Bell to go over everything (and write things down) with Shelia next Thursday (the one I have off - how ironic), and also ask her to schedule me to start at 9 or later every single night while they're gone away. I'm sure she wouldn't mind getting the chance to sit down (heh), and it'll be nice to just make sure I know exactly what I'm supposed to do.

But right now, Adam wants me to go into the living room and watch him play Mario :s Fun.

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