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Keyboard Fix :o

So I've written several times now about how this keyboard (the one on my laptop) likes randomly switching functions. For example, typing ' would give me ``. The fix? Hold CTRL, Shift, and hit the tilde (~) key a certain number of times. So very simple :p

It's 8 to now, and there's one other thing about tonight that came to mind earlier. Mike himself has already said something about Jess and Mark not being able to work together, and yet what's happening tonight? Exactly. Perhaps they feel having Ange there as well is justification enough, but still.

Feh. Have one more thing to take care of upstairs, then I might as well be off. But just one last thing: it might be a better idea to see when Shelia works next, because I'd like to sit down and talk to her as soon as possible. I know she opens quite a bit on the next schedule, and even if it comes to going there as soon as she's done and saying "Can you come out to the dining room for a bit? I just need to ask you some questions", it'll be better than waiting 'till Thursday.

Time to go~

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