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Switched Shifts

Don't have to close tomorrow night. Yay :3 I do, however, have to work a 4 - 9 shift, because I switched with Jess, but a supper shift will be a nice break from almost constant closes. The only thing I'm worrying about right now is Josh. I know he opens, and is there 'till 7 or something (so he gets to work an 11 hour shift), and I'm still there two hours after him, but I can't help but feel he'll notice that we both have the night off, and thus ask if I want to go over to his house. Barring, of course, the possibility that he opens on Monday as well, but there's about a 50% chance of that right now.

And also, Shelia works 10:30 'till 5 (I think) on Tuesday. I don't work at all that day, but I still plan on asking Mom to take me there at 4:30 or so, just so I can sit down with Shelia and go over everything I'll be doing while they're away, and see about fixing it so that I start at 9 or later each of those nights. One remaining problem with my plan right now is that Dad'll be back a week or so before they leave, and thus he'll have to be taken to work at 3:30 in the afternoon, when I plan on going over to check on the dogs at 3. Meh. That could work out, actually. Go there at 3, and ask to be picked up after Dad's dropped off.

As for tonight, terrible, but fun at the same time. For the most part I just ran around doing odd jobs, or getting fries for the orders and such. Helped Steve on drive through twice, just cashing people out, and I swear that guy really needs to learn how to calm down. All his dishes were done, so he didn't have any reason to be in a big hurry, but he was still getting bent out of shape faster than you'd believe. And for whatever ridiculous reason, he told practically every other customer "I can't hear you". Maybe he has some sort of hearing problem. I know John did, but there's no reason to get all pissed off about not being able to hear someone. Maybe it was noise in the background. I know the ice machine can be quite loud sometimes, and the people on line tend to get carried away as well, but still, there's no reason to literally yell down at them, telling them to be quiet, and if it's the ice machine that's the problem, just say "Could you just hang on one second?" and wait until it stops.

Got a ride home from Ange, so Mom's really been lucky these past couple nights, but chances are I'll be calling her to get a ride home tomorrow at 9. And one other random fact: we now have a total of 116 trays :o Got another box today (or at least I think it was today), and it's getting to the point where either half of them are going to have to be stored away somewhere (the little fridge under mini's a possibility, just so long as it's thoroughly cleaned first, and the trays are covered while mini is in use), or they're going to have to be stacked in two piles as opposed to one. Even then though, I suppose I have to consider that a few would either be at the back to be washed, or out in the dining room at all times, so meh. Too much thought about something that really doesn't matter :p

... I might actually be getting to bed early for once :s I don't know specifically why, but I'm just exhausted right now. Was at work too, but usually I feel much more alert and awake upon getting home, but right now, just... I'm so tired. Well, I'm at least going to play a couple songs in Guitar Hero II first, then we'll have to see what I feel like after that.

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