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Josh is Amazing

Walked in at 10 to today, and went right to the back. There was a note on the board that said (and I quote):

"Employees are NEVER allow to write on the schedual!"

Josh wrote it, as I found out later. Apparently he didn't take too kindly to my writing "NO" for next Monday. First thing I told him was "If you want anyone to take that seriously, fix the spelling and grammar mistakes." Genius thought he had "schedule" spelled right the first time. Caught "allow" on his own, but it still doesn't quite work. Should be "Employees are NOT to write on the schedule!", but whatever. Pointless thing to be worrying about.

So he whited out my "NO", but even so, I figured he knew I wanted that night off. What did he do next? A couple hours later, walks up to me on line, and says "So Monday on the next schedule...". Yeah. I was not happy. Then he decided he had to know why I wanted the night off. As of right now, the last thing he figured was that I had a date with "Crystal". I have no plans to explain things to him either. For Manoah and Ange, I was quite able to tell them what was going on, and include a little bit saying "And please don't tell anyone else about this. I know it doesn't seem like something I'd still be worried about, but I'd rather keep the rumors about me to a minimum."

Josh, however, has known me for long enough that he'd be able to tell I was hiding something, should I send that sort of email to him. Then it's just a matter of "What could it possibly be?" coupled with the eventual... going to the worst possible thing, and yeah. My stance on these things has changed since last time I talked about it. Although I'd like people to know I don't get how they can see women as attractive, and then everything involving being furry, it's not something I want to shove in their faces. If I was asked directly, and I could tell that they were being serious, I'd give an honest answer. I'd like to think the former isn't too obvious, but as for furriness, all anyone has to do is take a look at my room, and it'd be instantly obvious (although possibly not immediately linked to the word "furry").

And one more interesting note about work. It took almost a year and a half, but Manoah has finally gotten what he was after. Full time hours, and a possible raise. We came to the agreement that either Earl and Shelia got tired of him asking, or he just caught them on a really good day, so yeah. I have to admit I am envious though. Even for just the full time hours. To have a set schedule, and not have to worry about getting screwed over for certain days off or whatever. The pay increase is negligible, because with the amount of hours you'd get, you could very well end up earning the same amount (or more) that you did before, with a pay raise, and yeah. Probably something to at least ask him more about. The only disadvantage to him is having to work with Mark now, but he feels that it'll be justified now that he's actually gotten what he wanted.

But as for work in general, alright. Apparently Sunday is their day when each day person does a different task for cleaning, seeing as mine was to clean the hoods above the fryers. "Why" is beyond me, because last I knew, we had people come in with special equipment to do that, but anyways, that was about an hour worth of work, just because they were so greasy, and it was impossible to wash one whole side of one of them at a time. Cut myself two (or maybe three) times on them as well :\ That aside, was on drive through, with Chris, which was annoying. Thinking about it from their (the day peoples') perspective, it made sense to have me on that, but for once I'd like to get a day or supper shift where I don't have to wear a headset. The odds of that happening are slim to none though. Back tomorrow night at 9, with Jerome and Steve, so yay. Not quite considering what day it is, but Jerome's usually pretty fun to work with.

And now that Adam's actually gone to bed, I can play Guitar Hero II without having him make any snide comments. He's been down here most of the night (he has a day off tomorrow), mostly chatting with whoever hellokitty3000 is. To think he called Naomi obsessed before... :x

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