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Fast Night

So this is my first day off since Thursday. I doubt I'll be going in to talk to Shelia today, and instead just stop in there Thursday night, because at least then she's there 'till 10, and will likely be out in the dining room working on the schedule for a bit.

But as for tonight, very quick, as the title says. Seemed like only one or two hours, and yet 6 flew by just like that. Despite Mom's continued reassurance that she would indeed pick up when I phoned for a ride though, she never did, but I managed to get a ride home from Jerome's Dad. Meh :3 I think I might've screwed something up with the tills earlier in the night though.

See, Megan was on drive through when I got there, but when they were switched over, after I was put on it, I never switched the name on the till. Not until 5 or 6 orders had been taken and handed out though :\ Jerome counted it at the end of the night, however, and he didn't say anything about it being off, so I'm not going to worry about it. I'm sure either Shelia or Josh would've liked to get their hands on it too. Someone paid for an order with an American $50 bill. The total for the whole order was something like $51.52 though, so yeah :x Didn't even faze the guy when I gave him the total, but whatever.

So right now, I'm rather tired. I have a feeling this getting tired so early lately has something to do with how hot it's been outside lately. I can't quite get to sleep due to the heat, and thus, well, you can figure it out :p

Meh. Time to check if Adam left Twilight Princess down here again, then it's off to bed, to hopefully get a good sleep~

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