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Naomi left some sort of presentation board out in the kitchen, that I assume she had to do for school. Probably some sort of career studies class, because it's on "School Councellors" (at least that's her spelling of it). I figured there had to be something in it to show that she was just copying and pasting stuff from the internet, and there are a couple things.

The main one is that the fonts aren't consistent. Each block of text is done in a different font, with only a couple similarities in a couple. The other problem has to do with the spelling of a single word. In the title for the poster itself, she uses "councellor". Throughout the rest of the poster, it's spelled "counselor". Consistency is key, but whatever. If she's not even going to try to make a (half) passable attempt at plagiarism, there's not much help for her :p

And one other thing. Instead of simply asking Mom "Could I have a dollar to get a piece of bristol board from Staples?", she just used one of those big pieces of lined chart paper.

Apparently it was her (oh dear God I typed "hir" at first :x) birthday today as well, and Adam got her $40, afterwards asking if I got her anything, but no, I didn't. Not just for not knowing what day it was, but for all the reasons I've gone over before too.

Otherwise... feh. Incredibly hot day, but the air's on in here, which really helps. Still seriously thinking about getting one of those fans from Real Canadian Superstore next Thursday (at latest), and then just leaving the other one down here. It's getting to the point where I'm actually thinking about sleeping down here in the living room, or possibly in the basement, but I'm not so inclined to go down there for the night as you might think :s

There's not too many spots in the living room that are really out of the way either, except under the table, which is at least worth a try right now. I just don't want someone to come down later on in the morning, while I'm still fast asleep, then be confronted later on in the afternoon about just what I was doing.

I still think getting one of those fans would be the better idea though, because last summer, when I tried sleeping here, I could only stay in the living room for so long, before I'd have to go upstairs. Blah. It'd better rain tomorrow. Even if I do have to work...

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