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What a Night

New rules abound at work now. Some of the more amusing ones include being required to actually count out the change as you hand it to the customer (makes sense only when it comes to a slightly modified version of this), actually having to say "Hi welcome to Taco Bell my name is ... how can I help you today" at front cash (WTF), being required to read off the order as it's being handed out, in drive through (so for example "Okay, so a combo 3 soft, no tomatoes on anything, just cheese on the fries"), although apparently we were supposed to be doing that all along, and many other such wonders.

The biggest problem I have with all that is that it's what the CHAMPS people want us to do. However, another one of the things they want us to do is maintain a fast / quick speed of service. By doing all those things they want now though, we're effectively going to be adding on ~30 seconds to each order, which'll add up quite quickly. Of course, part of me can't help but think they'd already have thought of that, and thus adjust their expectations accordingly, but we'll have to see.

And also, apparently we're (we being all of the regular crew) all to undergo retraining, with the videos that have been sitting in the back office for ages now. Really, it's more *training* because I doubt too many people there have been formally trained, but that doesn't make much of a difference.

It goes without saying that the common attitude about all that right now is "Yeah, after we're all trained again, things'll go like they want for a month or so, but then they'll be right back to normal" which, right now, is really the truth. Unless they plan on actively making sure we're doing things the way we were trained to, but I can't see that happening.


So yeah. It was me, Josh, and Michelle tonight, which was an interesting experience. Josh asked me at the beginning of the night if, should he need me tomorrow, might I come in, and I told him "If you absolutely have no other choice, then I might", but there's not many circumstances that fall under the "absolutely have no other choice" category. However, as it turns out, he has more people tonight than he thought he did, so it looks like I won't have to worry after all.

Don't know about going in to see Shelia either. See, she stopped by earlier on, and said something about how for, the week they're gone, she'll be scheduling me for 4-12 shifts and the like, which is curious. Like I've said several times, I planned on going there maybe 9pm at latest, but 12? Heh. I'm considering sending an email off to Josh sometime soon saying "Pass this on to your Mom", followed by the details of what I plan on doing. And Manoah earlier on in the night though. My God. He overheard that I was watching the dogs, and decided to ask how much I was getting paid. Thank you Shelia for saying "It's not for you to know". Then he started asking me, and I simply told him "If she's not going to say anything, I'm not either". It's really none of his business though, so where did he get off asking that? Curiosity, yes, but if that was the case, he wouldn't have jumped straight to how much I was getting paid.

Oh incoherency~

Time to run upstairs to the bathroom, then find something else to watch on the other computer. Josh was just over here, and we watched Reno 911 (or something like that), but now I'm rather bored :p

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