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Maybe She Should be More Careful

Was woken up by Naomi, asking me if I knew the password for Dad's computer, because Mom needed to check her email. Wrapped a blanket around myself, and told them to follow me downstairs, because I'd just let her use the computer down there to do so. Surprise surprise, the whole "Mom needs to check her email" thing was just a front. Here's what I understand of the situation right now.

Naomi's broken some part of the power adapter for her laptop yet again. Either it's shoddy work on HP (or Targus's) parts, or, more likely, she's just being stupid with it. Thankfully though, in the meantime, I was able to remember Dad's password (in the bathroom, of all places). His super-secret combination of characters consists of "j", "l", "l", "n" and "&". Although I doubt it makes sense to anyone but him, so security by obscurity, I guess :p

The funniest part of the whole thing was being down here, and telling Naomi that I wasn't going to log her on to Dad's computer just so she could chat. Mom said it herself too. It's her (Naomi's) life. Sadly enough, it's the truth. I know I can't exactly talk, given how much I've "devoted" to other things (tails, perhaps? <3), but anyways, after I said that, she took off the rubber gloves she was using for washing dishes, threw them on the floor, and stomped all the way upstairs bawling. Like I told Mom, if she's going to fly into that much of a rage / fit of despondency (yet another obscure Mary Poppins reference) over such a thing, it's time to think about whether there is actually a problem or not.

I offered to let her use the computer down here for MSN and MSN only (I know she likes to use mIRC as well), then she snapped at me about how she didn't want to use "Your crappy computer". Heh. Take it if you can get it Naomi. I'm not too up on the idea of letting you use it at all, but I just don't want you stomping around the house in a bad mood all night.

So anyways, enabled the guest account on Dad's laptop, downloaded and installed Windows Live Messenger and mIRC, and she's most likely chatting away upstairs right now. I really need to get it through Mom's head that she should have one free day with it, but tomorrow, before she does anything else, actually gets on HP's website or something and sees about getting a replacement. I quickly and easily found a page where she can fill in her information and such, and expect a reply back within an hour, so she can just use that. All it really comes down to is her not just getting away scot free with this. If she wants to be able to use her laptop again, she has to show some responsibility, and willingness to actually see whether such a thing is possible or not. I know once Dad gets back from Indonesia, he's not going to let her use it, so she's really lucky right now.

And speaking of which, it's now been a week, and I still haven't been able to do what I wanted. Tonight though. Adam has to work tomorrow (so do I, unfortunately, but not 'till 8), so it'll work out nicely~

Otherwise, yeah, just getting up, but rather early, considering. Actually got a decent sleep (with one of my thicker blankets too - imagine that :s), which could've been better, had Naomi not felt the need to wake me up, but meh. And ugh... times like this that I'm sorry I helped her earlier. Adam just said something about finding out where his keyboard went. Apparently Naomi took it, because she wanted to see if she could use it with her computer. Yeah. Sure. I honestly can't say I've noticed anything go missing from my room lately, but she's not doing a very good job of hiding the fact that she still does steal stuff :\

Just had her come down here and fill out that form on HP's site, and as expected, you're informed after you submit everything to expect a "System generated acknowledgment" within an hour. Amazing what they call form letters these days :x

I've got something else to try for now though~

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