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Now This is Why...

I never get anywhere regarding my tails. Mom just asked me "And what are those big fur things up on your chair?" Responded with "Exactly what they look like", then "Nothing you need to worry about". She seems to think they're "Cool / interesting", so meh :3 Makes me wonder what she'll say whenever the giant one's finished and gets here :p Speaking of which, I have something like $61.50 tucked away upstairs, which should be plenty for now. I figure the other tail cost me $7.50 when it actually got here, and was 3 feet long. Multiply that by 4, and you get 12 feet, which is the length of the giant tail (or so I assume, seeing as that's what the other one was), so multiplying the price by 4 as well gives $30 as a possible total. So for now, I plan on just waiting 'till I hear again from SPark, hopefully something about it being finished, and how it'll be shipped off on the closest Friday, then going to the bank, and withdrawing $40, to bring it up to $100. I figure no matter how much, that should be plenty :s

I also can't help but think though that for a $100 (just for the sake of rounding) tail, I had to pay $7.50, so then for one that's $300, you'd think I'd only have to pay $22.50. Well, whatever the case, $100 should be more than enough.

Anyways, meh. Naomi's been upstairs in Dad's room all day now, which is sad. She just asked me to log into Dad's account so I could move a couple files into mIRC's folder, and I noticed she's already got everything looking all ugly. It's really funny seeing her put so much work into customizing her desktop when all I have to do is disable the guest account, and everything will be gone. I don't think she realizes it actually~ And on the topic of customization, finally got Windowblinds 5.5 working. Involved the little "workaround" with NewSID.

Thinking about heading up to 7-11 in a bit too (or maybe Sobeys, depending on what it's like out), but for now, it's back to boredom~

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