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So I was just at 7-11, where I got, among other things, some can of "Cheetah Power Surge Caffeine Free Energy Drink". I spy a contradiction, but that's not the point. Along with it, I got some little scratch and win card. Scratched it upon getting home, and I appear to have won. Text is as follows: "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE WON A STEELBACK GRAND PRIX OF TORONTO 3 DAY GROUNDS ADMISSION TICKET". Yes, it's all in caps. I know ;_;

Anyways, assuming it's not some sort of "Everyone's a winner" thing, why are the only things I win with this sort of stuff things I wouldn't want in the first place? Feh. I should give it to Steve. I know he's into the whole racing thing. I want one of these 20" / 46" flatscreen monitors they have listed. Oh, what bad good luck.

There is, however, a skill testing question on the back, which is:

[ (20 x 5) - 56 ] / 11 + 16

I figured it was 20, and according to "Calculator" here, it is, so yay, I guess :p

Also got more than 20 Timbits at Tim Hortons, only because the lady didn't want to have only a couple of a single kind left. Good timing.

This random stuff is fun, no?

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