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I'm so Ashamed of Myself ;_;

I said in my angry entry that I was going to call in sick on Thursday, but I didn't. Then I figured "well, if I had they would've been screwed over. I will on Friday", but I don't think I will today either. I don't feel like explaining that any further, so here's how tonight went:

Walked in at 10, and Ange was waiting in the middle for me. She said something about "You're going to have fun tonight; you're on drivet through." I told her I didn't want to do it, trying not to sound too angry. I told her that I was on it last night, and that I didn't want to take it two nights in a row. She pretty much ignored me, so I walked to the back, where Kevin was cleaning out the mop sink thing. There was one mop head in there that was disgusting. It looked like it'd been used to mop up pop, and then not cleaned out afterwards :x Anyways, I asked him if he'd mind taking drive through until 1, and I'd take it 'till 4 after that (mistake on my part, seeing as we're only open 'till 3 on Thursdays). He didn't really say anything. Shortly after that, Manoah came back asking if I'd make my brother's order, as he wanted to go have a smoke.

I washed my hands, and went up to make his food. He always orders 5 hard tacos, no lettuce, with extra meat. It's costing him an extra $2.50 for the double meat (.50 a taco), so if you ask me, he's getting ripped off, but it's his money.

Speaking of money, in my angry entry (once again), know how I said I withdrew $100 for pizza, among other things? Well, I went to get it last night, and lo and behold, $20 of it was left. I know who took it as well, but there's no way I can get it back. It's really, really annoying. I mean, $100 is a decent amount of money, but it's not much to me right now, seeing as I have to pay my parents about a total of $300 a month (with gas money, internet cost, as well as money that they're taking from me for no good reason at all), and I usually earn more than that in one pay cheque. Rest assured though that I know things aren't going to be like that forever :p

Anyways, I made my brother's food, and as I was picking up the tacos to put them in a bag, I dropped three of them, two of which came unwrapped, and I'm pretty sure they broke as well :s He said something about "I don't care what they're like as long as they have extra meat and no lettuce on them", so I put them back in the bag, and went to get him a cup so he could get a pop.

Once he was gone, I set about bagging hot line, then got a headset on, and pretty much took orders and washed dishes 'till 1:30. I don't know how we got it, but Jerome said something about "pizza's here", then went out to the dining room, so me and Kevin followed him, and lo, there were wings, pizza, and Timbits on the table :D I pulled out my PSP, because Kevin wanted to play the games I'd put on it. Before I left for work, I'd put all the US NES ROMs on this computer (minus duplicates) on my 2GB memory stick. It got up to about the X's before I got an "out of space error". Still though, 72MB being 300 zipped NES ROMs isn't bad at all. In all the time we got to rest, they (Kevin and Jerome) played Where's Waldo, Wheel of Fortune, and some R-Type game in SNES9xTYL. Fun break altogether, just because it's amusing seeing their reactions to different parts in the games. Kevin was going on and on about not being able to find Waldo, and Jerome didn't like how he got beaten at Wheel of Fortune by a "MARY" :)

Bar rush was pretty slow, although the last car that came through was frustrating. They pulled up, and I did my little "Welcome to Taco Bell, my name's <...>. What can I get for you tonight?", then I heard some mumbling, and about 5 minutes later, I had a combo 2 steak and a combo 1 soft on my till. Despite my repeated requests for the people to pull up to the window, they wouldn't, which made it really hard to take their order. Eventually, the passenger got out of the vehicle, and started walking towards the window, so I thought "okay. she's probably just coming up to the window to make it easier for me to take her order". No though. She walks up, and asks if she can use the bathroom. I said "no, we're not allowed to do that (unlock the doors)", but I guess she didn't hear me. She walked off, and I said "well, as long as noone sees you". I thought she was just planning on going behind a bush or something :x Eventually she came back, asking if we were going to unlock the door! I had to tell her twice "no, we're not allowed to unlock the doors after 11" before she got the point.

Once that was settled, I asked the driver if he wanted a tray for their pops, as they'd ordered three, and the only response I got was from the passenger, about needing to go to the bathroom. Eventually, I got tired of it so I told her "Tim Hortons still has their doors open, so you can go there". Then after that, I handed them their order, and she started carrying on about "is everything here?" and "can you read it back to us?" I told her the receipt was in the bag, and that seemed to satisfy her.

Oh, and before I forget, before bar rush started, some other lady in a cab came through drive through, and taking her order went fine, but when she pulled up to the window and got her food, she said something about "this is wrong. I didn't get my fries supreme". I think she'd asked for one more after I'd stored her order, so I told her we'd fix it at the window. I obviously forgot to change it, and that was my fault, so I apologised to her, and went to get her fries. During that time, she had a chance to look at her receipt, and called Jerome over to tell him that "your (insert assumedly nasty name that i didn't hear here) overcharged me!". See, when someone asks to have their fries supremed, there's a button on the till we press labelled "UP SUP". That's what it shows on the receipt as well, so she started carrying on about "what's this "supersize" here!?" XD Jerome told her what it meant, and she said something else about being in a cab, and how we were causing her to waste money, and they left. Honestly, people like that need to STFU.

We closed about 10 minutes early (we're technically not supposed to, but we do anyways), and I figured we had enough done that we should easily be out of there before the shipment came.

Not quite though. After washing several dishes, I went back up on line for some reason or another, and saw some white thing whiz by the drive through window. The "car present" light stayed lit for a couple seconds, so it got us curious as to what it was. It was the shipment truck. He was half an hour early tonight, but I suppose we have to cut him some slack, because it took us 'till 4 to get out of there last week, and he hadn't even showed up by then. Anyways, at first, Jerome and Kevin were rather adamant about not putting away the order, but as time went on, they realized that it would have to be done, so Jerome packed all the cold food into the walk in, and me and Kevin put everything else away. Nothing got *dated*, but everything did get put away :s

I assume we'll hear about it in the morning.

The ride home mostly consisted of us ranting about the order and such, and after we dropped Jerome off, me and Kevin talked about how things went, and vented about what went wrong. One thing I didn't have the chance to say to him though was this:

Ange left early because she was sick, yes? However, as sick as she was, she still seemed to think she was well enough to directly handle peoples' food. It just doesn't add up.

Anyways, I'm back in at 9 tomorrow, and Kevin's already said he'll take drive through for part of the shift (at very least), so that's something to look forward to.

For now though, I'm going to play Okami 'till I get tired enough to go to bed, then guess what I'm going to do? :p

Oh, and BTW, I'm not really ashamed of myself. It's the only thing I could think of that was fitting involving not having the nerve to call in sick.

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