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Another Early Morning

Second night in a row where we didn't get out 'till 5. Thank you Mark for giving me a ride home, because I made some food before I took hot line down, and stuck it in the cabinet to eat at home, and had I walked, it would've quickly gotten cold. Solid cars for more or less the entire night, which was probably the worst part. Rotated everything in the walk in at the beginning of my shift, so it looks a hell of a lot better in there now, but that was about the biggest job I did all night. Just helped on line otherwise. Feh. Tomorrow night, it's me, Michelle, and Steve closing, and I'm looking forward to it only because it's a holiday, and thus we get paid time and a half.

Quarter to 6 in the morning right now, and I really hope Adam has to work at 7. Got to thinking about what Mom asked me the other day (what "those things" were on my chair), and I really regret saying "Nothing you need to worry about". Yes, in a sense it's something I don't want her to worry about, but at the same time, it's something I'd at least like her to *know* about, as opposed to constantly worrying about what they'll say. So I have the tail I got from Chesh on right now, and even if anyone does come down, well... I'll probably end up hoping I can answer their questions without making them suspicious :p

Speaking of which, I thought I was going to have another problem to write about, but I figured it once again comes down to not being the first for "it", which is a petty problem in and of itself. I just wish I could shake the feeling of "If someone else gets to something I want before me, I can't have it at all." Ugh. Perhaps in a couple days I'll work up the nerve to actually write specifically what it was about (at least one of the things), but for now, no. For now, a hint: it can be found on e621.net. And as a warning, that whole site's more or less not work safe (or home safe, unless nobody else is around), so view it at your own risk :x

Anyways, yeah. Work at 9 tonight, two days off after that, then I work for a single day (I think) followed by another two days off, and after that, closing 'till the end of the current schedule. I'm glad I don't have to work on Thursday or Friday though. Earl closes both those nights :s And me and Mark also had a nice talk about the new rules and such, more or less talking about how useless they were, and a bit about how they plan on retraining everyone as well. Also, they just recently had a managers' meeting, mostly about the retraining, but also had a 10 minute discussion about Debra, of all people. She used to work there, and now works as KFC, so why they felt the need to talk about her is beyond me (aside from just gossip), but interestingly enough, we found out tonight that she's now banned from Taco Bell :s I don't get it either.

For now, I feel like playing some Guitar Hero II. Haven't been able to beat Jordan yet (57% is the best I've gotten), but I'm at the point where if I could get past a certain part in the song, I'd be fine, which is better than it used to be, I suppose :3

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