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So that's How it Is

Problems may still exist, but at least I don't have to worry about not being able to write about them in here out of fear for people reading them and saying things I don't want to hear. It's rather... therapeutic being able to type them out, because it leads to being able to quickly forget about them, and as much as I'd like (at times) to actually here what other people have to say about whatever "they" happens to be, it works just about the same without. It used to be that I'd write about whatever I felt like without leaving things out for whatever particular reason, and I'd like to get back to that again.

Anyways, sent off two emails before I went to bed. One to SPark, to see about the progress of my tail, and another one to Michele, to tell her I could come in either Thursday or Friday this week. No reply from Michele, but I did get a reply to the other one. Not at all what I was hoping to hear either. In a nutshell: "It's still on the list but I had alot to do this week." I can understand that in this case, given that I'm pretty sure Anthrocon starts on the 5th, but my timing for these things is amazing. The tail I'm getting from obliviousally? Canada Day's getting in the way of it. Giant tail? Anthrocon. Before that (the one from Chesh)? Two holidays plus one or two Saturdays got in its way. The two before that weren't "kept" in any way except by weekends, which are inevitable :s Maybe it's just impatience on my part, but these delays are quite irritating.

Moving on though, one of two days off right now, followed by, as I thought earlier, a single shift on Wednesday (from 8 to close), then another two days off after that. I already have to close with Shelia next Monday, so I really don't want to have to close with Earl too. Steve was telling me last night that he didn't want to close with Shelia, seeing as last time he did, he tried to bag line, and she threw out everything he bagged. Indeed, Steve. What we do on nights is not absolute.

And as for all the problems I talked about last night (behind the LJ-cut, at least), I figure the simplest solution to everything is to just find some defining characteristic for / of my fursona, instead of just copying others'. Yes, having a huge (or long) tail is still a viable option, but not my first choice anymore.

Meh. Just downloaded Mario Kart 64, so now I'm going to play that~

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