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If She's Not Going to Reply Back...

I guess I just don't have to go in this week. It's now been two days since I emailed Michele, and the only other guess I could make is that she's on vacation right now (quite possible), so meh. Unless I hear back from her by tomorrow, I have other plans.

See, got to thinking earlier this morning about the trips we used to go on (mostly for family reunion type things), and one of the things we always did in the morning, without fail. Went to McDonalds for breakfast. Something about that was just... pleasing and satisfying. The trip wouldn't have been the same without it :3 Not to mention those trips in and of themselves were fun (for the most part). So anyways, I realized that I'm almost always (still) up early enough to go there one of these mornings, so yeah. Not regularly or anything, but provided Michele doesn't email me by tomorrow, I think I will see about going there Thursday morning or something.

Adam wants to use the computer in front of me here though, so it's time to play more Guitar Hero II.