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More Work Stuff

Sweet shift. It started out awful, but turned out amazingly well. First of all, just a bit of background: after I got dropped off at home last night, Josh asked me what time I had to be in, and I told him I was scheduled to be in at 9. He said "better make it 8. I didn't know whether he was joking or not, but it sounded like he was, so I just said "well, I'll see you tomorrow night either way", and got out of the car. I half expected to be called at 8 tonight to be asked where I was, but come 8:00, nobody phoned, so I just stayed where I was until 9.

I got in tonight, and the only thing done (for closing) was cold line, and that didn't even have a bag underneath it. I walked to the back, and was greeted by a massive amount of dishes. I glanced up at the fry dump to see if it was done (that's usually the first thing I do if needed), and saw that it wasn't, so I went about getting it cleaned, and I just got all the fries out of it, when Josh asked me to come up on line to help him. That wasn't that bad. About 9:30, Kevin walked in. He wasn't scheduled to work at all, but I guess he'd agreed to come in tonight or something, because as soon as Josh saw him, he said "I thought you weren't going to be in until 11?". So yeah. After that, the other Josh (hereby referred to as Josh T) walked in. They'd called him in as well, I guess :p

Josh went out to start getting the dining room cleaned up, and he got to do that for about 10 minutes, when a family walked in. Remember how I said in an earlier entry that I don't like mennonites? Well, guess who walked in? They ordered 4 crunchwrap combos (includes 1 beef crunchwrap and a bag of fries), 2 chicken fajita quesadillas, and 15 hard tacos D: I had all 4 crunchwraps and the quesadillas done, and was stuffing the hard tacos when Josh finally came up to help me.

About that time, Josh T came up on line as well, and asked Josh if he could be on line for the night instead of on drive through. Josh said that he didn't know, and when asked why, he said that the two of us had been on it the night before (and it was pretty busy). That didn't really take off, because next thing I knew, Josh T was on line with me. He basically forced his way into steaming for a little while, before the orders started piling up, and Josh said "okay, you're going to start stuffing for now, just so we can get these orders out". That worked, but I can't stand the guy. I know I wrote in here about him before, but he's got this whole air of "i can handle myself" about him, when yet he really can't. For example:

-:- Repeated "what goes on this?" questions. We had several gorditas in the orders, and the only thing that varies between the two types is whether they get chicken or steak. That wasn't even his concern - all he had to do was put lettuce, three cheese, and tomatoes on them. However, he couldn't seem to remember that, or he might've just wanted to make sure, because he kept asking me for about every other one on the boards.
-:- Telling me to "stop doing my job" whenever I tried to help him by stuffing some of the food. Seriously, most people would be happy for the help, but yet he treated it like a crime. Eventually he said "you do your job, and I'll do mine", and I just about snapped (well, not quite, but it sounds good :s). Note that the dining room had closed about an hour earlier by that time, and he had a headset on, because he was taking drive through orders for Glenda while she was outside having a smoke. Eventually it came to it where she came back in, and then the two of them did drive through, because there were quite a few cars. I handled line by myself for a good half hour (possibly more), and I liked doing it by myself more than with him. I don't know for sure, but I think I might've even been getting the orders out faster.
-:- Not taking drive through so Glenda could get her manager work done. About 12, Glenda started counting off one of the tills that I believe was at front cash, and of course, she was never able to finish, because cars kept coming. I told Josh T several times "go take over drive through for Glenda so she can get her stuff finished", but to no avail. Either he didn't hear me, or I was just being ignored.
-:- Dishes. When he walked in the door, Josh told him to go back and start working on dishes, but then he came up on line, which I've already mentioned. Josh then asked him why he wasn't doing dishes, and he said something about "i'm allergic to the soap. my hands break out in a rash when I touch it." I heard Kevin mumble under his breath "then don't use soap". Poor Kevin then ended up getting stuck at the back for a good hour and a half washing all the dishes. Josh went back and helped him for a bit, but then had to stop, because nachos, salad shells, and cinnamon twists all desperately needed to be fried. Oh, and to top it all off, at the end of the night, he finally clued in and put the rubber gloves that were at the back on, because he had no choice but to do the dishes.

I should cut him some slack, because he did come in to close after having already worked today, but it's hard to simply say "okay. I'll overlook it this time."

So where were we. I steamed for pretty much the rest of the night. Let me tell you that 7 and a half hours on your feet is not fun. I never got a break either, so I was miffed when I saw Glenda clock me out for one. It's only a half hour, but it'd be nice to get paid for what I worked.

Anyways, know how I mentioned in my previous entry that we had an extremely large order, but that I didn't get a chance to grab the receipt? Well, guess what was still behind the till? I know it's really stupid, but I've got nothing better to do right now, so...
           TACO  BELL

  #347                  DR-T
2 FRY SUP               4.98
1 CH FAJITCOMBO         6.19
    CO 7 UP
    UP SUP               .99
1 COMBO #3              5.19
8 MEXIMELT             12.72
1 MEXPIZZA              2.69
1 5 TACOS               4.99
  5 SOFT
1 ST FAJIT              4.19
  2 GUAC                1.00
  2 SOUR                1.00
  3 SOUR                1.50
    GUAC                 .50
            GST        2.76
            SBTL      48.70
            PST        3.68
            TOTL      52.38
            CASH      55.00
            CHNG       2.62

Oh yeah. The people on line were not pleased :x Then after their order was finished, and I handed it out to them, they said it was wrong. Instead of the first combo and the steak fajita (ST FAJIT), they wanted the chicken fajita quesadilla combo, and a steak fajita quesadilla just by itself. I was just thinking "you're already holding up the line with this huge order, and now you've got to tell me it's wrong? I read it back two times, and you didn't say anything!" Oh, and that's not even mentioning that the first thing he asked me when he pulled up to the window was "have you ever gotten an order that big before?" There's no need to brag, people.

So now I have tomorrow off (whee), and I have to work from 9 to 3 on Monday. Yeah, that's Thanksgiving for us. Fun. I assume it'll be dead though, because not only are Mondays the least busiest days of the week, but also, it's a holiday, so I can't see many people being out at all. As well, time and a half pay :D After that, I have Tuesday off, then I work something like 5 closes in a row (bleh), and then have three days off after that.

Anyways, I'm off to play Okami now. I beat the game earlier on today. The cutscene just before you fight Yami's final form almost made me cry :p The Karmic Transformers are pretty neat, but I want one that makes you look like Shiranui :o That'd be awesome. Maybe there is one though, seeing as I only have the first four of them. Well, three if you include the Karmic Returner. I only managed to get an S rank in money collected and deaths though, so hopefully this second playthrough will go better. Honestly though, if you have a PS2, and don't have this game already, either go out and buy it, or at least rent it to see what it's like. I can almost guarantee you'll like it.

I think that's it for now though.

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