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Was talking with Josh on the way home, and he said something about how I'm supposed to go over to his house one of these afternoons so they (Shelia and him) could show me how to use the air conditioner. Apparently it's supposed to on and off alternating during the days they're gone. Also took the opportunity to ask him when I'll be expected to feed them, and right now, here's my new plan.

Go over there about 10 in the morning, feed and play with them for a bit, then let them out in the backyard to run around. Stop back in around 3 to feed them again, put their beds out so they can go to sleep if they want, and then leave around 3:30, to be at work for 4. Leave work at 12 or so, and stop back in there, let them out in the backyard again to run around, put their beds back in the living room, along with the dogs, and then set the divider up so they can't get back out. Repeat for each day they're gone. I still plan on going there sometime tonight to go over everything one last time though, just to be safe.

Otherwise, that was a decent night altogether, considering it was Gabby and Amber's (I think) first close. Unfortunately some customer was feeing sick to their stomach sometime during the day, and instead of, well, "using" the toilet, decided to do it in the sink :\ Josh's first two attempts at cleaning it up resulted in him walking back in clutching his stomach, so I offered to clean it up, which didn't go all too badly. Tried to convince him the secret was plugging or otherwise not breathing through your nose period. I spent a good 10 minutes in there balling up paper towel and using said balls to soak up some of it, so I could unplug the drain, and never smelled it once, so yeah. Disgusting, yes (it was all brown), but certainly not as bad as he was making it out to be.

The odd thing about it was who told us it was there. Some lady that had ordered food not even 10 minutes before came up to front cash, and said something like "I was just in your bathroom and it... looks like someone puked in your sink." It was the mens' bathroom. What reason you could possibly have to be in there (outside of supervising your child, should you have one) is beyond me :s

And he also forgot his iPod in the back office, and instead of just taking his rollerblades off, going back in, and getting it himself, decided to ask me "If I tell you my alarm code will you go back in and get my iPod?" So yay. Code's incredibly insecure as is (it's 4 numbers in sequence from lowest to highest), but that's his / their problem.

The most frustrating point of the night was Amber though. I appreciate that it was her first close, and she came in despite not feeling too well, but until Josh had her go back and do dishes, just... ugh.

So it's 5:30. I plan on staying up 'till 9, waking Mom up, and going to McDonalds <3 She agreed to take me on the condition that I get her something as well, and I just got paid (four cents short of $500, to be specific), so I think I can manage that :3 It'll make up for at least one of the times they've taken us there in the past. Also stopped by the bank after we closed, withdrew $180, and much to my dismay found that I didn't actually get *paid* yet, so my balance is sitting at $4,254.67. Meh. Have their money for this pay in my PSP case thing right now, so I can give that to her as soon as she gets up, and not have to worry about withdrawing it later today. Plan on buying one of the fans out in the front area of Real Canadian Superstore too, but other than that, and buying snacks at 7-11 or wherever else, that should be it for spending.

Hmm. Pity the site for Real Canadian Superstore doesn't list the hours for the one here. I was thinking it might work even better if we head out there around 7, but first stop at Taco Bell so I can talk to Shelia, then head off to get groceries after that. Meh. I'm basing that on the assumption that she does work tomorrow (I forgot to check the schedule, but I'm almost certain she would), and also that it won't be busy when I go there. Originally I was going to type "5", but then I realized they'd be right in the middle of the supper rush, and yeah.

Anyways, now I'm going to play Guitar Hero II. A couple songs, at least :p

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