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Link Colors

I'm happy with this color scheme / layout for the most part, but there's one little thing that bothers me. I've tried finding a way to fix it, but nothing so far, so maybe someone reading this would have an idea. Problem is here:


I want the "July 2007" links (in this case) to appear the same color as the rest of the sidebar headings. Here's what I tried to do to fix it:

a.subhead:link {color: #333333; background: #b1a590;}
a.subhead:active {color: #333333; background: #b1a590;}
a.subhead:visited {color: #333333; background: #b1a590;}
a.subhead:hover {color: #333333; background: #b1a590;}

Doesn't work though. Part of me wants to say the layout's stylesheet is taking precedence over the custom style code, but yeah. Assuming that's not the problem though, what did I do wrong? The only other feasible option I can see is to turn all the sidebar headings blue like that, and then adjust the background color accordingly, but I don't want to do that. Feh :\

And got a new fan too. The only thing that worries me about it is that the cats could very easily tip it over. What to do...