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Josh has a friend whose name is Rob, that I never would've pictured as being into the whole RP thing, but apparently he is. See here. Dear God, that site... it's just hilarious :3 I recognize at least a couple pictures on the page titled "Tashira" as being Samus without her suit, and I'm sure there's plenty more images throughout the rest of it that are taken from other places.

And what's more, his email address is "Internet_kings@hotmail.com". No big secret, seeing as it's right on the front page of his site, but yeah. Google for "internet_kings" without the quotation marks, and you get four results. Just be sure to disable Java first (at least in Firefox) if you plan on clicking the one with "Melissana" in the title.

Interesting stuff in the last two results. Guestbook entries that were made back in 1999, for the sole purpose of advertising his oldest (?) RP, with the name "Blue_Dragon". Strangely enough, going here only shows results for 2001 and 2002, and only 2001's actually load something.


Anyways, it's quarter to 6 in the morning right now, and I'm sitting here watching some "RV" DVD that I found upstairs. Dad's supposed to be getting home around noon today, and Mom seems to have it in her head that he'll be taking us out for supper :x The possibility is there, yes, but if I were him, I'd be more concerned with coming home and getting a good sleep in my own bed.

There is one more amusing thing to write about for now though. Net Authority. I really hope that site's a joke. If it's not, then wow. How stupidly blind can one group of people be? I'm sure the "Why" behind that statement is pretty much obvious, but that'll have to wait 'till later today :p

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