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If not Now...

Earlier on this morning (about 2, and in comparison, it's 6 in the afternoon right now) I was just sitting here watching stuff on the computer as usual, and had one of my tails hanging by my belt of the side of the chair. Thought I heard shuffling around upstairs, but dismissed it as just being noise outside or something, but then out of nowhere Naomi walked in, so I reached down in a (rather feeble) attempt to cover the tail up, realized that wasn't doing anything, then tried to make as if I was just petting it :s She never said a word.

And then a few hours earlier, I had been out in the living room watching "RV" again, using the same tail to hold my head in a comfortable position, and both Adam and Dad walked through there, and only said "Good night" or "What are you watching?". Then again, the lights were off, so they might not've seen it, but that's really doubtful.

So meh. Yay, I guess. Still no word from Obliviousally or SPark, but thinking again, I told SPark I'd email her again in a couple weeks to see what had been done, and chances are Obliviousally won't actually get "back" 'till the 9th or so. I think I can wait a little bit longer~

The main thing on my mind right now though is work tonight. Called Earl as planned yesterday evening, and he told me 8. While I strongly doubt I was actually supposed to start at 8 (more likely 9), I haven't much choice, so whatever. I know it's at least me, Manoah, and Josh on tonight, which means Steve most likely works as well, so yay. Looking forward to Monday night too, (imagine that) just to see what working with Shelia is like again. Did once, a long time ago with her and Kevin, but that was when I was still fairly new, so yeah. I know there's a new guy on nights as well now (another Josh), so maybe he works tonight. That'd be interesting...

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