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So apparently Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob are here, for supper and all. Woo. The only complaint I have at the moment is that Jeffrey (their son, who has Down's Syndrome, I believe) is out in the living room coloring or something, and is driving me insane grinding his teeth.

But anyways, yeah. Work last night wasn't overly bad, as much as it was annoying, mainly because of Manoah. I walked in there at 8, and was surprised to see I was done at 3, but happier for it. However, Manoah realized that as well, and would not stop bothering me about "Oh do you wanna swtich" or "Do you wanna take drive through and I'll do dishes?" Later on in the night, they (him and Josh) accused me of seemingly not wanting hours at all (because I wouldn't stay the extra hour and a half to close), which really pissed me off. Say what you like about me and stuff, but do *not* put words in my mouth.

Anyways, I responded with something like "I'll gladly work the shifts I'm scheduled for, and maybe I'll even come in from time to time to help, but I'm sick and tired of people trying to take advantage of me like this".

How I see it is, had I taken drive through, he would've done a few of the dishes, gone out for a smoke, went out to sit down in the dining room, and basically anything but. And as for staying to close so he could leave at 3? Hell no. His reason for asking is that he had "plans" for tomorrow. Sure. Whatever you say Manoah.

So it's me, him, and Josh closing tonight. I can guarantee I'll be on drive through, but whatever. And then tomorrow, instead of Shelia, Josh is the closing manager. Nice try Shelia. Scheduling yourself then getting someone else to close instead doesn't count as one of your two required closes per month. But at the end of the next schedule, my 4-12 shifts are starting to show up, so that'll be a nice change.

Feh. Now Aunt Patty wants everyone to see the pictures that are on her digital camera. Might as well post this then~

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