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Noticed an envelope from Canada Trust in the kitchen just now that was addressed to me, so I opened it, and what would I find? Some account statement for that VISA card someone phoned about a while back. Good God. Apparently I'm only required to pay $10 this month, but the date's what scared me. July 9th. Today. What would've happened had I not opened that envelope? So I dunno. At first all I could think was "OMG where do I go to cancel this", but now it's more, "Hell, I don't plan on using it right now, but it *could* come in handy some day."

Right now though, I plan on staying up 'till 8 or so, in hopes that that tail gets here, so maybe around 9 I can head to the bank to get that paid. Still though, the thing about it is it says in big bold letters on one of the pieces of paper "To protect you against fraud, this new Card cannot be used until activated by the person whose name appears in the address box to the left." So given that I haven't activated it, and thus haven't been able to use it for anything (what's more, I took it out of the envelope only a couple minutes ago), why the hell am I expected to pay $10?

Apparently if I want to cancel it, I have to let them know in writing though, which isn't going to happen unless I have no other choice. Wishful thinking probably, but maybe after a couple months or so of no activity, they'll take the hint and say "Cancel the account it's not being used". I can only hope... If not, then I might just have to look up and email address or something to see just what I have to send back in order for it to be canceled once and for all.

Actually, screw waiting 'till 9 in the morning. According to the little statement, I can pay it at the ATM, so I'm just going to head to the bank now to see about doing that. Don't know exactly how it's going to work out, but it'll be fun getting out of the house at 5 in the morning :p


No luck. I figured I was supposed to pick the "Bill Payment" option, but apparently I have no bills set up to be paid via the ATM, so whatever. And it's not incredibly hot outside either, but I did see 15 other people out and about :s At first I was considering wearing one of my tails, because not that many people could be out at 5 in the morning (or so I figured), but then I realized that if I didn't have the nerve to wear them around the house, it was really a stretch to think about wearing one outside, and yeah.

Anyways, phoned the number and activated the card, just in case it has to be activated before I can pay the $10 (wouldn't that be embarrassing), and I really should've checked what time the bank actually opened while I was out, but for now, 8:30, maybe 9 I'll ask to run up there again and hopefully get that taken care of.

And one last random note: I have one final idea for making sleeping upstairs more... tolerable (with the heat), and if that doesn't work, I may very well be finding somewhere to sleep in the living room tomorrow night. It's *way* too hot, but knowing it, we'll soon see even worse...

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