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I can't read either. That $10 I had to pay was the minimum required amount. Actually had to pay them $25, which is the annual fee, so that makes a bit more sense. I suppose for now all that can be done is to wait 'till next month and see if another one arrives then. And no sign of my tail, which greatly pissed me off earlier on, but now it's just a matter of "Sometime this week". If it doesn't show up, then Obliviousally is going to be getting another email.

Anyways though, yeah. Alarm clock started going off at ~4:11 (precise :s), so I turned it off, realizing my DS's alarm was still set, and could not get back to sleep after that. Had a couple weird dreams, one where I was playing Banjo Kazooie, in Mumbo's Mountain, and realized I'd forgotten to get the jiggy up on top of the mountain outside the land. Keep in mind that in the actual game, you have to hit the switch next to Conga (a monkey), then transform into a termite, and then climb up the mountain. In the dream though, I'd just used talon trot or something, and gone right up, to find the jiggy *and* switch, then was suddenly in the land. Then I realized I forgot to collect all the notes, so I set about doing that, then found myself falling down in front of some huge (huge) statue, managed to brush against it somewhere, which allowed me enough time to use talon trot, so I walked / slid around it to the left, and found myself falling again, from a really high height, into a pool of sand, next to which was the "unopenable" door from Gobi's Valley.

The other one started with me watching some sort of news report on TV. Apparently some old guy had gotten trapped by a storm, and they were reporting on it (obviously). They managed to get a bird's-eye view type of picture (which, in real life wouldn't make sense, because if they could take a picture of the guy, they should certainly have the means to rescue him), which looked something like this:


Red "x" is where the guy was standing, the three dark green boxes were three large vehicles, and the lines are supposed to be stairs. It looked like something taken out of Pokemon Pearl (or Diamond) mostly because of the angles and colors. Anyways, from there the TV cut to a view of some ocean / other body of water, and whoever was reporting on the whole thing made a comment along the lines of it "Being louder than metal" or something.

From there, a complete cut to Josh's basement, where I was laying on my back, staring at a ceiling fan he doesn't have, contemplating how hot it was outside.

Anyways though, I have an hour and a half left before I have to go to work (hopefully it's not too busy), and I'm going to try to use that time to find a new theme for this I like. Woke up this morning, took one look at it, and let's just say I don't like it anymore :p

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