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Maybe Not...

If only I'd gone for the "Buy it Now". Thanks "FoxwolfTails". Seriously. Screw you. On the good side of things though, got a reply to the email I sent her (Chesh), more or less saying "If you'd like, I can make one to your liking." So I sent her a reply back asking how much more it'd be for a 4 foot one, so now it's back to waiting again.

Anyways, yeah. Just got finished doing more dishes, even after I had to finish them all up at work tonight. Had 'em done at about 1:30 though, which worked out well for being able to get out of there quickly. I am pissed off about something else Steve pulled though. After we closed, and I had finished up the last couple dishes from line, I started wandering around looking for other stuff that needed to be done. Grabbed the leftover fries, tossed them in the garbage, and just stood there for a second afterward, before deciding to take the garbage out. So Steve looked right at me, pointed his finger back towards the drive through window, and said "The grill still needs to be done." Heh. Cleaning the grill is the responsibility of the steamer. Steve steamed the whole night tonight. While I will do it (most likely grudgingly) if you actually ask, I don't appreciate just being told that it still needs to be done, and being expected to do it.

So I just sort of scrubbed it, and turned it off without waiting for the water to dry up, and that's good enough for me. If it's not done to the openers' liking in the morning, he's going to get in trouble for it, and that's quite fine.

And apparently it is / was supposed to rain tonight. It's rather ironic actually. Most people get angry at the weather forecaster for saying it's going to be nice out, when it ends up raining. Fun :p

Also, new game to look forward to: Trauma Center: New Blood. Awesome <3

Ooo. Update from SPark on the giant tail. Apparently "progress has been made" but she's run out of stuffing (I think of the turkey stuff :s), and doesn't know when more will be arriving. She'll try to have it finished and shipped out before sometime next week, so yeah.

For now though, pretty much the usual. Stay up 'till quarter after 8 or so, in case tail #4 (wow) arrives, and also to see if Uncle Brent gets here around then. Don't have to be at work 'till 10, but Josh plans on stopping by the house after he's done (at 8), so we can go to his house and he can show me how to work the air conditioner (it can't be *that* hard, but...).

Three more days before I get a break from work. Really looking forward to it, but at the same time, my next pay shouldn't be too bad. I really ought to check how much I have left in my account sometime soon as well, but not immediately~

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