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Still No Luck

So Josh'll be here in probably another hour and a half. Feh. I was originally hoping to get a ride over there, but apparently Mom, Dad, and Uncle Brent are taking the van out somewhere, so yeah :\

Once again stayed up for nothing (I'm really close to sending her off another email asking if and when it was even shipped out), and there's been no reply yet to what I sent Chesh, so it's been a great day. I appreciate that yes, she might've had other things to do, but I can't picture her being away for the whole day *sigh*. Hopefully that'll have changed when I get home from work. Had a dream in which she sent me a reply with how much it would cost, which was something like $46. The only thing I really care about it rather strange. The three tails I have right now are about 3 feet, and wearing them, they reach just down to my heels or so. I want something that's actually going to drag on the floor behind me (not by much but still), because if it's long enough to do that it's long enough to wrap around myself and that's nice and fun and yes <3 So depending on how much it is for 4', I may actually see about 5 or 6 instead. Hmm...

And as for work, yeah. Really don't know what I'm going to be on tonight. I'd like to think cleaning the dining room then other odd jobs after that, but it depends on what Mark says. See, the actual closers are Mark, Steve, and Josh C. I'll probably end up staying to close, unless they have everything done by 2, but with a new person closing (and on a Wednesday night at that), I doubt it'll happen.

Have yet another movie to watch upon getting home as well. "SiCKO". The whole idea (premise, whatever) behind it seemed quite interesting, so yeah.

Might as well just play more N 'till Josh gets here.

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