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I know I've only seen one side of the story so far, but God, am I glad I don't live in the US now. Of course, the biggest argument to support what they're doing is "It's your own fault if you hurt yourself", but to take one example, $60,000 to reattach the tip of a guy's middle finger? What?! Yes, in the movie there was a picture that said something about a vein still being intact in the little finger or whatever, but still, how does that equate a $48,000 difference?

And they could also pull out an "As bad as we may be, we're certainly not the worst" type thing as well, but there's quite a big difference between being the worst because you're not trying to do anything about it, and being the worst despite having more or less everything you need to change that.

Notwithstanding, of course that the only injuries I incur these days are slight burns or scrapes at work, or scrapes and cuts and whatnot from playing with the cats, although as was proven in the movie, that could change in a second. Not from the cats, by any means (at least I hope not :x), but quite possibly at work.

Anyways, given that I've got a whole two days to get my sleeping habits back to going to bed at 2 or so and being up at 10, I really should be getting to bed. I've already said that if the tail I paid Obliviousally for hasn't arrived by next week (probably Sunday), I'm going to send her another email, and ask just what's going on. If it arrives before then, well, it'll either be here when I get up, or there'll at least be something in the mailbox that says "Something arrived for you we're keeping it here pick it up as soon as possible", or someone will bring it in and I'll have to answer at least one question. Bring it on~

Got a reply back from Chesh also, to say that the price would be $30 instead (so ~$41 with shipping), but then also that she'll have to check to see if she has enough white fur for the back of it. Feh. Sent her one back to say that the price was pretty much what I expected, and also to say that I did want the white fur, if possible, although I don't expect a reply back from her 'till about 9 tonight, and I'll likely be well into another 8 - close shift by then.

Speaking of which, I'd really like to know just what Shelia's thinking. This week I worked all 8 - closes. Aside from tonight, of course, but it was changed afterwards. Coming up, I have four 4 - 12 shifts, with two days off before and after, and then I'm right back into 8 - close(s) again. WTF. I don't particularly have a problem with it, but hell, a little variety would be nice.

Now let's go see who / what is crashing and banging around upstairs. I really doubt either Mom or Naomi would be up yet, I *know* Adam's asleep, and Dad's out on the front porch. Probably Tabby, but we'll have to see...

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