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Where Has the Day Gone?

I woke up at 4:30, planning to actually be up for the rest of the day then, but after taking care of things in the bathroom, laid back down on my bed, and still felt way too tired. So I went back to sleep 'till 5:30. Got up then, checked a couple things on my laptop, and was pleased to see that the first of two transfers to my Paypal account had finished (it was only for $20, but still), then got up, came down here to find Adam on the computer, and assumed that he had gone grocery shopping, and of course I was hungry, so I went into the kitchen to find something to eat. I guess they hadn't gone after all.

So Mom and I pretty much just got back from Real Canadian Superstore, and wow. I never want to go there after 5 again. 10 minute wait at the checkout. It's after 7 right now, and I have to be at work for 8, which rather sucks. Although until at least 2 this morning, we have five people on :x I hope to see Josh C. get put on drive through, Manoah and Steve on line, and then me just running around doing other stuff. At least depending on what Josh says. For all I know he could have different plans in mind. Only problem is Josh C. is still fairly new, and although he has been on line a bit already, he's shown that for the most part, he can handle drive through by himself (until bar rush or whatever) so meh. Maybe I'll just talk with Josh and see about both the other Josh and me having headsets on, and I'll run around getting other stuff done, unless he asks for help.

And also on the topic of work, Josh pulled a surprise question on me on the way to his house last night. "Are you coming with us to our new jobs?" Apparently (stress that word) he and Shelia are leaving Taco Bell to work at KFC. Huh. I can understand leaving for a better job, but not just to go to another fast food place.

As for taking care of the dogs, well, I think I've finally got things figured out.

Go there at 10, feed them (I'm pretty sure they get wet food in the morning), feed Cleo (their cat) if she's meowing, let the dogs out into the backyard to run around, and then leave. If I'm working, go there again at 3 in the afternoon, feed them again, let them out to run around, and put their beds out in the hallway so they can go to sleep when they get tired, and leave around 20 after, because Dad will have to be dropped off at work as well. Should I have a day off though, go there at 4 or so instead, feed them and such, leave, and stop by again at 8 or 9, let them out into the backyard again, and put them to bed. Seems rather complicated right now, but I'm sure it'll seem much less so after I actually do it :p Shelia said she'll pay me on Friday, which'll work out considering I have two days off immediately following it~

And one last thing. Got a reply from Chesh, as follows:

Not a problem. I will get started on it as soon as I can. I have a few other orders inform of this one. I will get back to you once it is done and then ask for payment at that time being.

Spelling / grammar mistakes aside, that's good enough for now :3

It's about time I left for work though. Feh.

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