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One More Day

From what Josh and Shelia told me last night, they'll be feeding the dogs Saturday morning before they leave, so yeah. I'm still not entirely sure how long they'll be gone, but meh. I can always check the schedule for that. Supposed to be getting paid tonight, as well as get keys for the house, which is all sort of last-minute, but whatever.

Anyways though, same 5 people on tonight, although Mark's the closing manager instead, so things could go either way. You wouldn't believe how much people were saying about him last night ("He doesn't do any work" and such), and yet surprisingly, most everyone is willing to work with him tonight, so yeah. Feh. All I really care about is that this is the last day I work 'till Monday (and then it's the start of my 4 4-12 shifts, so yay :3), so as long as we're out of there in decent time, I really don't care who ends up on what. Last night we got out in about 20 minutes, but mostly because Josh was in a mad rush to get everything done before the order came.

But yeah. Feel like playing Majora's Mask 'till supper's ready. Haven't so much as made it into Woodfall Temple yet, so I really should try :s

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