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Snow Leopard Kitsune Tail(s) :o Problem though. As of the end of August (at latest), I'll have six tails. Do I really need another one (or three)? Right now I keep telling myself "I'll wait 'till August and see if it's still there then", but last time I did that, someone got to the item before me, and I was greatly pissed off because of that, so yeah :x Barring that she does take requests, but I can't help but feel that if it were to come down to someone else getting it first, I really wouldn't want to commission such a thing. Definitely plan on getting handpaws sometime in the coming couple months though <3

Anyways though, just sitting here watching Sicko again, then I plan on going to bed around 7, because I have to be at Josh's house around 3 or 4.

Work sucked, mostly because it was steady for the whole night. Steve and Manoah were absolutely no help when it came to being cooperative either, but that's nothing new.

And apparently we have nothing to say at all. Dad just came down here. Had one of my tails on ever since I got home from work, so when he walked in, I would've jumped into the chair, had it not been on it's side so I could put the screws back in it. So I quickly turned off the light, just as he walked into the room, where I kept trying to position myself directly facing him, so he hopefully wouldn't see anything. Heh. I know he did. Said nothing though, so once again, just what am I so worried about?

Starting to get a headache though, so I might as well just go to bed :\

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