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One Day Down...

Have to be back there tomorrow morning around 10, but it'll probably be 10:30 or so, because I have to walk. Meh. Most interesting thing so far involving watching the dogs is that according to Rob, I should be taking advantage of them being gone, and stay at their house instead. No, thank you. Back when the idea was first brought up, Shelia said something about how the house would be cleaned up by then, so if I wanted to stay there, it wouldn't be a problem. Never happened. Not to be rude or anything. It's just too messy. Anyways, walked in again at ~8:30, and found that they didn't eat very much (if any) of the dry food I left out for them, but some of it was gone, which is good. So these four days coming up where I have to work, I'll probably just leave more dry food out for them in case they get hungry while I'm away.

And on another topic, I couldn't wait (as usual :x). Sent SPark an email about that / those tails, just to get things started for now. I remember hearing on the radio at work a while back that the whole "Gotta have it" feeling fades after a week or so, so I really should keep that in mind, but the problem there is that I'd eventually get over the feeling, but then as soon as it disappeared, get angry and start asking "Why didn't I get it when I could?" So fun~

Naomi's at it again too. A week or so ago now, I had about $5.50 on my top bunk. Then suddenly it dropped to $3.50, with no sign of the other $2, and now it's down to $1.50. I'm really, really tempted to take a peek at her bank statement, seeing as she's shown no interest in doing so.

It's going on 1:30 though, and I'd like to be asleep by 2, so I really should finish this here :p

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