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WTF @ Cat

Instead of the modem this time :p Just got back from Josh's house, inside which I was walking around in my bare feet, and now I swear to God she's under the table nuzzling and licking (and biting ow) them :s Lord only knows what was on the floor, so I can't exactly see what she likes so much.

But yeah. I am really looking forward to the end of the week. Having to get up at 10 in the morning is not fun when previous to that, you've more or less entirely gotten used to going to bed at anywhere from 6 to 10, then getting back up at 4 or 5. What I might just try to do tomorrow or something is stay up 'till I get tired tonight, then go there at 10 in the morning to feed them and let them run around, then come back home and try to get back to sleep for another 4 hours. Especially on the days I have to work. If I can catch a couple hours sleep after getting home from Heart and Stroke, before having to leave for work, then I can most certainly do it in this situation too.

Got a reply back from SPark, as expected, detailing that the stuffing arrived either today or yesterday, but she's too busy with cleaning and other such things before she leaves, so the giant tail won't be done quite in time. However, she would be willing to stuff the triple tail (that's a much easier way of saying it) in the box as well.

After this though, I really need to try to save up to $5,000, so I can put $1,000 of it into my savings account, and then afterwards, save up 'till I have enough to commission handpaws <3 It's just that right now, when I transfer money from my bank to Paypal account, I give no thought whatsoever to what it might leave me at, and yeah. I'm going to guess and say $4,300 right now, but it could very well be lower.

Meh. I think I might as well just try to get back to sleep right now. Sitting down here typing is doing nothing. Figure I'll just go back and give the dogs a bit more food, and play with them for a bit at 3 or 4, then fill their bowls up with dry food, and come back here 'till tomorrow morning. Really feels neglectful, but Shelia specified that I needed to go there twice a day, and they're going to have lots of food in case they get hungry, so I don't know. While I am fulfilling the requirements, but I still feel like I should be doing more. At any rate though, it's off to bed for now.

(I do recognize the feeling from when I just started working at Taco Bell though - "How am I going to handle all this?" and such :\ In this case though, it's looking to be that by the time I finally get used to it, they'll be back from their trip, and feeding the dogs on their own again...)

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