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Going to Be an Interesting Afternoon

Had planned on going back to sleep after I got home from feeding the dogs, but I wasn't tired enough, so I came down here, and now I'm at the point where I'm yawning, so yeah :x

Still nothing in the way of the current problem, but I had a dream in which I finally got it, then quickly realized that it was too good to be true, and woke up shortly after that. Strangely enough though, in the dream, the box was quite a bit heavier than I'd actually expect it to be, as well as it was already open, but was closed in the way where you fold the first three flaps over each other, then tuck the last one underneath the first. Oh details~

Sent her another email, this time consisting of a single word: "*poke*". Figure I'll keep that up every couple days until either she replies back, or we reach the end of the month. Should the latter happen though, I plan on sending one last thing along the lines of "It hasn't arrived yet, so maybe you know where it is, but probably not. If and when it does show up, I'll let you know, but until then, thanks anyways." I notice over here that getting a phone number is a possibility, but I don't want to have to take it that far.

Gave Naomi's room a thorough glance when she was down here earlier, and saw nothing that looked like it might've held a tail, so I'm going to assume she didn't take it. That's one possible option taken care of, I guess.

Feh. At least we get our pay stubs today. Went to the bank last night to check how much I had left in my account, and apparently there's still something like $4,600, but I notice it didn't take into account the most recent transfer I started in Paypal, so maybe tonight or something. Sort of hope I don't get stuck on front cash, but I still do want to do the dining room, so it depends on what the supper manager says. Even if I'm just on stuff or expedite or something.

And yay. Sounds like it's raining out. Might very well make for a short second visit to Josh's house. That whole thing's reached the point now where it's not so much "How am I going to manage all of this" as "This is really a pain but I know I can do it", so it's looking even more like what I figured before - by the time I get fully used to it, they'll be back from the wedding, so yeah :p

Mom wants to go though, so I really should~

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