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Explain This One to Me

Laid down in bed about quarter after, I'd say. Some minutes later (enough for me to almost fall asleep), for no apparent reason whatsoever, I remembered what Earl said about having to shave before work tomorrow, so up and into the bathroom I went. Had just reached up into the cabinet when I actually realized what I was doing, said "What the hell, screw this, it's not the right time", so I went back in my room, and now I'm not even tired anymore ;_;

Perhaps I should get back up and get it done and over with?~ I know if I'm warm I can get to sleep a lot easier, but the fact that I really need to wash this mattress cover and that has to wait 'till tomorrow morning isn't helping either. Mattress cover and pillow case, that is.

The only theory I have about not being able to sleep now is that after being active at a certain time in the morning, my body thinks I'm at work or something, and won't let me so much as get tired.

's certainly not helping me type any clearer though.


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