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Mostly Done

First of all, new layout, yes. Eventually I'm going to find another one I like enough to stick with for more than a couple weeks :p

Anyways, yeah. More or less done getting things set up and whatnot regarding reinstalling Vista. Still have to download and install one or two programs (I'm being bothered to no end to get a virus scanner :s), and aside from that, things should be alright again. The only thing I'm not going to be able to get back is all my old bookmarks, but I'll live without those. Backed all the important files up to both my Acomdata drive as well as the 300GB one that's been sitting on the table in my room for ages, and also did a complete PC backup to the same one, so hopefully that'll help should I screw things up again :x

So, obviously nothing in the way of my tail either, and for tonight at least, I just plan on going to bed around 5 or so, and letting whoever's up (should it arrive this morning) bring it in. Then again, I do have to be up at 9 to feed the dogs, so that could work out, but right now, I can see it either arriving next week, and if it hasn't by then, actually saying "There's a problem, and something needs to be done about it."

Ordered pizza earlier as well, which I'm amazed got here at all, because the delivery guy had to phone back to ask exactly where the house was. Amusingly enough, Mom was on her phone at the time, and told him "You know where Kent Manor is? It's across the street from the house next to it." Simple enough.

But anyways, might as well end this here so I can go download and install those programs, then go to bed. Between 10:00 Wednesday morning and right now, I've had all of about 6 hours of sleep. And the closers tonight (being Friday) are me, Mark, Josh C., and Andrew (someone who normally works day shifts). Really going to be an interesting night~~