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So Much for a Restful Afternoon

I could swear Manoah is upstairs. Just walked out of my room, and heard this terrible rap (or maybe it was hip hop) song coming from Naomi's room. Something about "baby I swear it's deja vu". Grew to tolerate it at work, and now it's being played at home. Yay~ And now she's bothering Dad about having an hour to watch TV or something. Yeah. For this past week, she's been cleaning her room, and was also supposed to be working on her resume. So in actuality, more like chatting for several hours, cleaning for one or two, then opening Word and thinking about how to start. It should not take her a week to clean. Maybe two days, at most. One day devoted to cleaning the actual room, and the next for organizing her closet.

But the main thing for now: they're back :3 Once again, grudgingly got out of bed at 9:30, went over to Josh's house, and was rather surprised to see a white car in the space where we were parking for the rest of the week, and upon pulling up to the driveway, saw Ron walking down in towards the van. So apparently they got back at 8:00 or so, had already fed the dogs and everything, and had gone to bed, so I just gave him Josh's keys, then he, Mom and Dad talked for a bit (mostly about the trip), and we went back home. Slept from 11 to 4, which isn't really that long, but I also was asleep from about 6 to 9:30, so it worked out.

Haven't the first clue what I'm going to do with my night tonight, but I do definitely plan on trying to stay up to 8 in the morning again, because I have a good feeling my tail might arrive. Should have all the money I need to pay for that triple kitsune snow leopard tail thing after tomorrow, so that's good as well. No word from Chesh yet, but she did say she had other things to finish first, and that she'd ask for payment upon completion, so meh.

But for now... yeah. Mom and Dad just went to pick Adam up from work, I'm more or less just getting (back) up, and Naomi's up in her room probably chatting away on her computer. Might head out to 7-11 a bit later, because Adam does have a day off tomorrow, and I'm not going to spend the entire night cooped up with him in here.

Downloaded Mario 64 about 12 hours ago now (heh), and I'm up to 15 stars or something, so I'm going to work on that some more~

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