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No "Bank Account Transfer Complete" email from Paypal (yet), and no sign yet of my tail whatsoever either. Went to bed at about 6 with the hopes that it would get delivered around 8, and that someone would just stick it out in the kitchen (where the rest of the mail goes), or even up in my room, but I guess not. Still a viable option to consider that Naomi might've taken it, but even in that case, there's a bit of a safety type thing, in that unless she got to it before anyone else, someone would eventually ask me "What was in that box you got?", and if I hadn't received it, well, I'm sure you can figure it out. IF she got to it before someone else did though, well, I don't want to think about that.

But anyways, work at 8, and I haven't a clue who else I'll be closing with. Hopefully Mark, because I want to ask him how things went on Saturday. There were four other people working with him, but none of them knew how to close. He tried calling me in, but I just told him that while I'd be willing to come in and clean up and whatever for a couple hours, I wasn't going to actually close. Much more preferable way of doing things, that.

And heh. Adam's talking to Josh on MSN right now, and apparently all he can talk about is his trip. Earlier on yesterday night, Adam asked him which place he liked more (here or there), and his response? "Chatham sucks". Always the pessimist. I'd agree with him on several points that he probably doesn't actually have any idea of (*coughfurriescough*), but until you actually have somewhere better to go, shouldn't you try to make the best out of what you have? And yes, I still remember what you said to me, squnq, but that still seems a bit... "extreme". Feh.

On a somewhat related note as well (not related to the trip though), Adam was talking to Rob on MSN last night, and for some reason ended up telling him that I wanted him to run to all these inane places (Hawaii, for example). Really just being silly, but then Mr. Serious decides to say "And I want him to stay on his labtop and off ur computer. nobody needs two computers." More or less an exact quote, including the spelling mistakes (and computer redundancy). So Adam told him that I did in fact own both, and the next thing he typed was "well then... no. maybe for 20000." Later on in the same conversation as well, he (Rob) said something about how his brother (Kevin) was playing Flatout on his computer. Adam didn't know what that game was, so Rob gave a quick explanation: "It's where you beat [...] (my name) with a chair until he's flat out." A bit angsty, no? I swear, these people (at least Adam and Rob) treat their ability to converse over IMVU and MSN (or lack thereof) to be vital to their very life. Maybe I'm not seeing the whole thing, given that I rarely, if ever use those kinds of programs, but just wow.

Anyways though, might as well try to find something to eat, then more Mario 64. Up to having to collect 8 red coins in the desert level (I want to say "Dry Dry Ruins", but that's from Paper Mario), so there's still quite a bit left to be done.

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