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Quite an Informative Night

Well, got the email from Paypal, and sent SPark the money, so for now, it's back to waiting for August. Woo :p

First things first though, I learned so much at work tonight. Not about the job itself or anything, but rather the people that work there. Not going to go into any specific details, because I'm sure they'd rather have it kept as contained as possible, but there was something that went on that I can talk about.

From what Manoah said, in the past little while, three people have made it known that they were bi. Maybe that would've been a bigger deal had I been there, but right now it's just... meh. Doesn't really come as any particular surprise to me, especially given that I could count myself among them, except not as being bi too. But then the conversation (that we were having tonight) somehow turned to me, and eventually Josh leaned over and whispered something in Manoah's ear, making him laugh like you wouldn't believe.

So of course i asked him "What's so funny?" wanting to know what they were laughing about, because it obviously concerned me. Josh's response? "It's something that'd say too much if I were to tell you." Then several minutes later, he said something about how Shelia knew, so Manoah asked if she actually found out, or if she guessed, and Josh told her that she did just guess. I really didn't know what they were talking about, although I do have a good idea, in which case it's just like, "You guys are talking about me, so why are you trying to keep it a secret? If it's what I think it's about, I know too. I'm just not ready to tell immediate friends and / or family."

Got up, told them I was going in to start taking down cold line (just so they wouldn't jump to the conclusion that I was pissed off), and set about doing that. Talk behind my back if you must. I know I can't do anything to stop it. The one thing I do ask though is that if you're going to be talking about me when I'm within listening distance, either say everything, or don't say anything at all.

Oh, and one other safe thing that Manoah was telling everyone about: he bought some nose hair removal thing and got it stuck in his nose :s Indeed.

Otherwise though, walked in and had Josh and Sheila right on me with thanks for watching their dogs, and telling me how they were crying as soon as they walked in the door and such. Apparently they lost weight while I was watching them (hmm), so Shelia jokingly (I hope) said that I'd have to watch them more often. And also, I see now why Rob was so concerned about me taking advantage of being able to use their house while they were away. Josh actually had him stop by a couple times to see if I was there or not :\ Told him that I just found it more convenient being at home for work and such though, which seemed to satisfy him.

And this week I have Wednesday and Thursday off. Josh does too. He's already said that we should hang out then, so yay :x Maybe Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, but definitely not afterwards. I still have not had one chance since they were gone to sleep in for however long I could, and I'm really looking forward to doing so. Then again, it's supposed to be getting progressively warmer in the next couple days, so hopefully that doesn't affect anything.

Right now though, going to try staying up 'till 8 again, in hopes that my tail arrives (it'd coincide nicely with having just paid SPark for that triple tail), and I'm getting really hungry right now, so it's time to go find something to eat...

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