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Yay for Downtime

Seriously. I was absolutely livid earlier today about my tail having not arrived yet, and I'd like to think I've calmed down a bit now. Really though, it's been at least a month since I sent her the payment, and I know she shipped it off sometime between the 8th and the 15th, but one could literally drive down there, pick it up, and be back here much quicker than it's taking to get here right now. Google Maps says it's about a 4 hour drive to get there. FOUR HOURS. Add an hour to compensate for delays and / or not knowing exactly where to go, but does anyone else see the problem?

Had a dream yesterday night where I got it, which was strange because normally when I have a dream of that sort, I realize I'm asleep right away, but somehow this time I had myself convinced that it was real, but anyways, opened the front door and checked the mailbox to find one of those padded envelope things. Tried to take a look at who it was addressed to, but only managed to make out the first name on the return address, which was "Alaina", and that was obviously good enough for me. So into the house I went, and walked over to the table in the living room that's normally collapsed and propped up against a wall, and only used when we have company. Inside the envelope (that had magically turned into one of those gift bag things) was the tail (obviously), in some sort of perfectly sized Ziploc bag. Wasn't furry either. More looked like snake skin or something, but still had very prominent snow leopard type markings. Set it aside, and took the other stuff out of the bag. Yeah. A pack of gumballs, followed by some note that I read a bit of, but can't for the life of me remember what it said. I took it to mean that it was some sort of apology for it taking so long for the tail to be delivered, then I woke up (rather abruptly), realized it was all a dream, and was very mad for it.

Anyways though, got a reply from SPark, saying thanks for the payment, and that she'd "drop me a line" as soon as she got home, so at least I know things are going as they should there.

Josh was also here for a bit, just to rest before he went home, and before leaving, asked if we were going to hang out tomorrow. I said "Probably", then added on "Well, it actually depends on who's going grocery shopping on Thursday", to which he responded "Also if I'm feeling better." Either he contracted some sort of illness while he was away, or something happened on the way back, but he wasn't feeling that good tonight. What sort of person does it make me that I actually hope he's not feeling better though?

Work was alright, if a bit frustrating because of one thing. Josh and Manoah took the chance to sit down in the dining room when they were able to, and bothered me to no end to come out and sit down with them. Well, they more were yelling at me, but as Manoah would say, same difference. So I just ignored them, and went about doing the dishes, because I was on drive through, but it was just aggravating. I know the reason Josh wanted me to come out and sit down was so he could actually clock me out for a break while he was doing the end of the night paperwork and such. Sure, it's only a half hour, but that still equals ~$4, which adds up quite quickly, but like with so many other things, it's just the principle of it.

But yeah. Now for something completely different. Despite having said little to nothing about those little quizzes (or memes, perhaps) I see people posting their results for to various places, I decided to take the one seen here. Don't ask me why I'm reading Obliviousally's LJ... Let's just say it has something to do with the tail. Anyways, results as follows:

Click to view my Personality Profile page

... pretty close. Especially on the introverted bit :p And while I'm posting images, another one:


Recipient being Rob, and the other email address being one I just made up. Not only do I want to see if he eventually says something to Adam about it on MSN, but I'm still rather miffed about what he said the other night. "Let it go" you might say. Well, I could, but this is much more fun. I'm really tempted to actually sign up for that address, but I fear the messages he might send :x I honestly do wonder if there's actually a program out there that would do that... Found one today that deletes all ISO / CSO files from your PSP, which is really self-defeating, and although it's not really related to email, it still shows that anything's possible :p

Unfortunately though, it's just come to my attention that I still have dishes to wash, as well as that on the way home from work, I stopped by Tim Hortons and picked up a dozen cookies, and have yet to touch them, so yeah. Have the next two days off, so I'm going to try staying up to see if the tail arrives, but if the past couple weeks have been any sign, I doubt the chances of that happening are very high :\

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