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The day after I say "Screw it I'm never going to see that tail", I get an email from Obliviousally. Well, an email to all her commissioners, really. Talks about how she's moving and such, and that she'll at least try to have a sketch for everyone. Yes indeed. I wouldn't have a problem with that if I was actually commissioning something from her, but as far as I know, I'm not :p Hell, at this point I'm having serious doubts about ever doing business with her again, but that could very well change depending on one thing and one thing only. I'm sure you can guess what it is too.

And also, tried reinstalling Office again last night, because ever since I had to do a reinstall of Vista, doing anything (literally), such as opening a folder, or double clicking an icon on my desktop made a message box pop up, saying something about configuring Office, which I had to cancel two or three times just to get into whatever folder or file. So I uninstalled it before going to bed this morning, and woke up to find three updates available for it :s Might as well try reinstalling again in a bit. Only reason I really downloaded it was because I have a strong suspicion Naomi doesn't have it on her computer, and she'll need it (or some other sort of program that's not Wordpad) to do so. Lately I've taken to asking Mom "So how much of her resume does Naomi have done" and lately she's been getting all defensive. Like I told her this afternoon though, she wouldn't give Adam or me a break, and yet she's doing just that for Naomi. If it comes to it, I'll let her use this other computer downstairs to work on it.

All I need is to get my XP disc back from Manoah and then I plan on backing everything up that's on my desktop, formatting, and reinstalling XP. Lord knows there's literally years worth of useless files on there, some of them being files that yes, I wanted to keep, but haven't touched in ages, and wouldn't miss if they were to be deleted.

Anyways though, just getting back from grocery shopping, and also going to EB Games so I could pick up a 360 points card. God, it feels weird going back in there after so long. Got into a little conversation with the girl behind the counter when she asked me if I'd picked up a Wii or not, what games I had and which was my favorite and such. Didn't have the heart to tell her that right now it's more or less sitting in the living room collecting dust. There's just no "good" games out for it right now. And yes, I'm well aware that "good" is directly affected by opinion, which is why it's in quotes :p

Second day off tonight, then back for 5 more closes after that, which is really looking to be fun :\ Got a call from Jerome last night asking me if I could come in, because Josh C. had called in sick (an hour before he was scheduled to start, at that), but I told him no, because I wanted my nights off. Of course, he wasn't happy, but I was, sort of, and saying "No" is getting alot easier.

And meh. Finished Warioland 2 before going to bed (completely :3), so now I have to find another game to play. Have three ideas in my mind right now, so I might as well go find the ROMs~

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