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Happened to find WiiPicross earlier, and I just spend the past hour or so playing it, before finding that there was a much easier way of determining the solution. Using the first puzzle as an example:

1) Open the First puzzle.
2) View the source of the page.
3) Scroll down until you see var puzzletype= 'feature';puzzle[1].
4) Select and copy the string of ones and zeros after that.
5) Paste them into Notepad (or your preferred text editing program).
6) Divide them up according to the puzzle size (in this case, 5 rows of 5 numbers each).
7) Go back to the puzzle, and fill in all the squares that are marked as ones in your text file.

Nothing extremely special, but still fun :3

And there's now another game I want. Picross DS. Terribly unimaginative name, but meh. I haven't bought a new (or used) game in a long time either, so it'll be nice to have something else to do other than sitting down here in front of the computer all day :s

As for work, one big annoyance. Mark. And a smaller annoyance as well, that being drive through.

First of all, Joanne (Mark's wife) brought in one of those $5(.70) pizzas from Little Caesars tonight. First of all, it was rather amusing that Ange didn't tell her "You can't bring that in here" with how much she was telling other people to do stuff tonight, but it's an excellent example of the favoritism that goes on around there. Not that I would've told her she couldn't have the pizza in the store, but... if Ange can boss people around because she's a manager, then why doesn't she do what she's supposed to rather than what and only what she wants?

Second problem with him was when I was cleaning out the fry dump. I'd just finished scraping the rest of the fries out of the bottom, while he was up on line, then out of nowhere he says "Can you come up and take over for me when you're done there?". Said "... I guess...", then under my breath "And what do you need to go do that's so important?" Then he went out and sat down and ate pizza and Markie was kind enough to take over for him so I could continue cleaning.

Next, the drive through problem. At 9, Josh asked who'd be going on it. Shelia said me and Josh C. had already seen our fair share of it, so it was agreed that Steve would be on it for the rest of the night, without asking him whatsoever. So I went into the walk-in and started rotating things because it was a mess, and just as I got to the beef, Josh came in and asked if I wanted to go on drive through. Here's what I understand happened:

Steve said it was unfair to him to have to go on it because last time he worked he was on it as well. Umm... excuse me? For the first six months I worked at the place, all I saw was drive through and / or dishes. Don't talk to me about unfair. And also, like I told Josh, since when was it the employee's choice to say what they wanted to be on? While I understand (and prefer) that night shifts pretty much run themselves, it's not your place to say "I'm not doing this". Unless it's something dangerous, but that's yet to happen.

There's no problem with saying "I don't want to do this" (hell, it's what I said to Josh), but according to Steve and / or the other people that were up on line, the day people are now playing favorites, and yeah. Really, really pathetic.

What's more, as I expected, later on in the night we got a large order (3 boards full), and Steve, who was steaming at the time started getting all stressed out, said something to me about "The orders are getting really long...", so I kept sweeping, then went back to wash a sour cream bottle or something like that. The guy really needs to get it in his head that he can't always depend on other people to help him. And if you can't handle yourself on line, then remind me, why are you steaming again? I know his response would be something along the lines of "Well I can but these are really big orders", and that's just avoiding the question.


I just work there. Ugh.

Aside from those problems, the rest of the night (from my point of view) was awesome. Was able to finish up all the dishes with a minimal amount of interruptions, deckscrubbed, restocked the pop racks, rotated the walk-in, took orders for Jess during bar rush, had a full half hour break, and we were out of there at 5 after 4. By far the best part was going a whole night without touching line at all, except to make my food (a steak quesadilla taquito fajita (oh yes indeed)) when I went on break.

Tomorrow night's going to be absolutely awful, because Mark's there 'till 3 or so (but hopefully he'll be sent home early), but then again, Josh is the closing manager, and we'll have four other people 'till at least 1, so it might not be absolutely awful. Maybe just awful by itself. We'll have to see.

And one more thing about Mark. I'm beginning to notice what people say about him not doing any work. I've found that if I ask him to do something small like dropping fries or getting sour cream from the walk-in or something, he'll do so with minimal complaint, but otherwise, he's much more inclined to just stand around wherever, and eventually ask to go home early, which he usually does, because we end up getting just as much work done (if not more) as we would if he stayed.

Now I'm going to bed, because I feel as if I'm rambling, and yeah :x

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