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Three Hours and Thirteen Minutes

EB Games opens at 10. Want to go there to hopefully pick up Picross DS, then come back home, sleep 'till 6, and get right back up again for another 8 to close shift. Woo. Really. Before yesterday night I thought I worked 'till Tuesday, then had an undetermined number of days off. I guess not. I work 'till Friday, all closes except for Friday itself, for which I'm scheduled from 4 - 9, but that might very well change, although I doubt it.

See, Larry is scheduled to open on Friday, but he can't, and wants to know if I'll switch shifts with him. Josh thinks it'll be fun because he's the opening manager, and yeah. Wait... there's actually a glaring problem with that. Unless I actually have Thursday off (I'll have to check tomorrow), how would that work out? I'm not going to close on Thursday and have to open on Friday. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way.

And honestly, even assuming I do actually have Thursday off, I really can't see it working. I'm not going to be able to readjust to working 8 'till 5 in the afternoon in one day. Feh. Maybe I'll see Larry tonight, and tell him no then. While I would really like to see the opening side of things again (I've only worked one since I started working there), it's not going to happen this time.

As for tonight, considering Josh clocked us out for 2:30 earlier on in the night (assuming it'd take us half an hour to clean up), and we walked out of the door at 2:05, it was pretty good. We did close 10 minutes early, but as far as anyone saw, no more cars pulled in, so whatever. One thing I've noticed just in the past couple nights is that when taking down line (both hot and cold), it really helps if I do one thing at a time. For the longest while now, I've more or less started to get carryover done, then gotten sidetracked by cleaning out and setting up cold line again, and yeah. Simple stuff, really, but what a difference it makes :p

Hmm... apparently there's a chair that needs to be moved in the living room. Litticat was just up on the back of it, and almost made it up on the mantle :s No no no no no.

... this is ridiculous. According to Naomi, she's only downloading one CD. Quite amazing, because this one CD is slowing things down enough that it's taking most pages at least a minute to load on my laptop here. I know I could probably disable uTorrent in the settings for the modem, but that'd also disable it for me, and I don't want that.

But anyways, it's time to go move that chair, then back to Warioland 3. Still three hours left to go, which isn't that long, but it sure seems like it :x

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