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Did I not say I'd probably be writing something in here after I got home from work? :p

To start things off, let me say I'm really angry at my brother right now. He was drinking pop in front of the computer (presumably), and he spilled it. When I first noticed that, I thought it was just on the mat on the floor, so I wiped that off, and sat down. I went to type in my password, and when I did, each key press caused the computer to make the "you pressed too many keys at once" sound. I thought nothing of it, because it's done that before and the cause was the escape button was being pushed down by the corner of the cabinet. No though.

HE SPILLED GRAPE POP ALL OVER THE GOOD KEYBOARD. You can still type with it, but as I just mentioned, each key press makes the computer beep. Looks like I'm going to have to make a trip up to Staples later on today. I just got paid though, and the keyboard I buy will be for my use only, so I might get a better than normal one. I left Adam a note saying that as far as I was concerned, he could either use this awful keyboard (most of the keys are stuck halfway down, as a result of excessive force), or the one that beeps. Either that, or he can go out and buy his own.

THIS is why I want a laptop. Nobody will touch it except me. I plan on getting one either once we get the rest of our money my grandpa left us in his will, or I save up enough. I have just under $4,000.00 in my bank account right now, so I could very well get one, but I'd rather start at, say, 4k, and save up enough from there. It's a big investment, so it's not something to be taken lightly. I think the money from our grandpa is going to be more likely though, because last time I remember, we were told it would be arriving sometime around Christmas, and we're getting closer by the day.

As for work, here's an extremely simple to understand explaination of how things went, one word for each hour, starting at 8 and ending at 4: meh meh meh awful horrible meh sweet meh. If nobody tries to stop her, Ange won't be a manager anymore after this week, so that's just a glimpse into what went on. Let's just say at one point that I thought someone was just going to walk out.

So yeah. I'd write more, but this godawful keyboard is giving me a very aggravating time. I'm probably going to try to wake up around 2 this afternoon, because I don't have to be to work 'till 9, but I do want a chance to get out and buy a new keyboard, and have enough time to break it in after that.

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