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One Problem Solved

Being Naomi's bandwidth hogging.

Found a wonderful piece of software called SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager, in which I created a rule tailored specifically to her MAC address, limiting both her upload and download at 10000 bytes / second, whatever that works out to in kilobytes. 9.76, according to the program, so I might have to adjust it to be exactly 10 later (10240, I think), but for now, that's good.

What remains to be seen is whether she'll come down eventually and ask why her computer's going so slowly, at which point I might have to bump it up a bit more, but we'll wait 'till then.

Obviously no sign of my tail either (I thought I gave up on ever seeing it), but there's one more thing that came to mind that might explain why it's really taking it's time.

Oh screw you too Dad. Apparently he's expecting some guy around 10, to talk about life insurance or something, so even if EB Games does have it in today, I doubt I'm going to be getting it 'till 6 or 7. I'm stretching things as is. There's no way I'm staying up 'till 11 or whatever.

But anyways, with a slightly more angry overtone now, why I think my tail hasn't shown up yet: how did it get shipped? I know there was something about "Free shipping if you Buy it Now" along with the rest of the details on the auction page, and if I were her, I'd be shelling out as little money as possible, even if it means that the item would take longer to get to the recipient.

And on the topic of tails, I notice the snow leopard kitsune one has been removed from SPark's "For Sale" page. Hmm. I hope that's just because I bought them :\

There's something I need to do upstairs though, so might as well go get that taken care of~

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