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So I sent an email to Chesh a couple days ago asking how things were coming along with that tail, and also to check just how much I'd be paying her after shipping was included, and got a reply from her earlier this afternoon.

"I wont be able to start on it till late September, unless i get some from time..."

I'm going to go ahead and assume from = free, but otherwise... yeah. Far from what I was hoping to hear. But she goes on to say that she has quite a few orders to take care of before some convention (another one?), and also vacation in September, which is something that never even occurred to me. I suppose in my defense, the only "vacation" I've seen thus far is about 4 days off in a row, which is hardly anything.

Assuming it gets here by the end of October at latest though, it'll work out, because I still fully plan on commissioning footpaws from SPark sometime during September. That is, assuming she's taking more by then, but I'll have to wait to see. She's supposed to be getting back tomorrow, and said she plans on finishing my giant tail first thing, and that's what I really want right now. Not only because it'll be awesomely fun to have (I've only recently realized just how long it actually is), but also because of the fact that it is a $440 (dear lord) dollar order, and with something that pricey, I want to have it in my hands as soon as possible. For the two tails I've ordered from her so far though, the shipping / receiving times have pretty much been the same (a day earlier, in the case of the second one), so that's somewhat heartening.

And yeah. Extra 3 days of paid account time. Wooooooo.

Time for Warioland 3 though. Want to get at least a couple more treasures before I have to leave for work. And for what it's worth, I'm not staying up 'till 10 again. Not only are the people at EB Games at that time of the morning dumb as bricks (I asked the lady if they had any copies of Picross DS, and the next question out of her mouth was "What system was that for again?"), but I'd much rather get a decent sleep, and get it later on in the afternoon as opposed to staying up 'till 10 in the morning.

But that's it.