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Band Practice and a Couple Other Things

Yay. I actually got myself out to my band practice this morning. As I figured, Christmas music was already handed out, and being practiced. It makes sense though. Our Concert's going to be on December 15th (two days after my birthday. wOOt). I figured out when I have to be there in the morning now. The Advanced Class starts at 11, runs for 45 minutes, and then the Junior Band starts. I'm supposed to be there for both, so that means each Saturday now I'll probably be at that building for about 2 hours. Now I just need to worry about getting up at 10 in the morning. During the week, I don't wake up 'till at least 11 :P

Bah. It still doesn't work. My Dad found some old computer game (King's Quest V) on the curb or something, and he brought it home. I tried to install it tonight, but XP doesn't want to let me. I run the install.exe off the Setup Disk, and I get something about needing to choose to use the mouse if you have one. I got through that, and it told me to hit any key to continue. I did and it dumped me back at the command prompt. I tried DosBox, but it didn't do anything either. There's also a sierra.exe on the disk, so I tried running it, and it gave me an error about resource.scr not being found, when I could check the disk and see that it was indeed there. Even then there's a bunch of batch files. I tried running the one that didn't have any numbers after it, and it told me sierra.exe couldn't be opened o_O

I looked up the game on gamefaqs, and apparently a NES version was made as well, so I went and checked, and sure enough, I found a site where I could download the ROM. I've yet to play it for more than 5 minutes though :P

My Dad felt the need to ask me if it was possible to burn the game to CD. Sure Dad... if you really want >_< There's 3 problems with that.

:: The game has to be installed on the computer first. Durr.
:: How are save files going to be made? After you've burnt the game to the CD, it becomes read-only
:: It'd be a waste of a CD. The game spans 8 disks, which is probably ~10Mb. CDs are 700Mb

*sigh* He doesn't know nearly as much about computers as he'd like you to believe, but it's not my place to talk about that.

Anyways, it's now 1:30 in the morning. I'm typing this out, while waiting on a torrent download, and I'm actually starting to get tired :P I should go to bed soon, since we've got church in the morning. Of course, nobody but my Dad really wants to go there. I'd rather start going to my Wednesday group again, and not have to worry about going to church on Sunday.

Hmm. I guess I'll put a quote in here, then I'm going to bed.<td>

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<m00cow> i'm downloading mozilla rc1 <m00cow> i wonder what its like <m00cow> i hope mozilla uses its firebreath on microsoft <m00cow> then eats microsoft <m00cow> then poos micro soft poopoos <DCBastard> uh-huh <DCBastard> how many cones have you smoked tonight?
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