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Just Before I go to Bed

Might as well at least try to get there somewhat earlier this morning :p A couple things of note from work earlier tonight though:

1) Before he left, Josh said that we'd probably be going to the ~7:00 show on Saturday, and also that he didn't have to work Sunday, then paused, as if waiting for me to say something, or trying to gauge my reaction to what he might've said. He took off without saying anything though, so I can only assume it had something to do with one of us going over to the other's house for the rest of the night, and if so, I hope he realizes I still have to close on Sunday.

One non-work related thing first though. It appears that Naomi's carefree days of lazing about in her room or in front of the TV are finally coming to an end. Dad's way of solving the problem (being "Get a job or you're getting kicked out") is a bit extreme, methinks, but they have given her over a week to just get her résumé done, so I can sort of see why he'd be angry. Mom's absolutely torn about the whole thing, to the point where she started crying earlier, but Adam explained to her that there were quite a few things they could take away from her before resorting to such an extreme punishment, such as taking away her computer, cutting her off from the internet, not allowing her to watch TV, and so on. Apparently she's being taken up to apply at Real Canadian Superstore and possibly Tim Hortons later on today, so yeah. It's funny though. As much as I utterly loathe her (most of the time), it pains me so much to imagine her getting kicked out. Mom and Dad don't seem like the type of people that would do such a thing (at least not without making sure she had somewhere to go and whatnot), but I dunno...

But the other work-related problem was Ange. Once again, a shining example of what happens when you give someone a bit of power and they stretch in all out of proportion. The funniest (and most frustrating) side effect of that came about around 9 tonight though. While we weren't extremely busy, there was still a fairly steady stream of customers, so Ange started barking out orders to people, and yelling at them if they even so much as talked back.

It was then I noticed a lady standing at front cash with a quesadilla in her hand, so I asked her if there was anything I could help her with, and she said she was waiting for a phone number. In her words "I'm not just going to sit here and eat while the manager's yelling at her employees." Gave her a soft taco wrap, and pointed out the customer service number she could call, she said thanks, and left, but not before mumbling under her breath "[unintelligible] powertripping bitch". Apologies for the language, but that's quite seriously what she said, and I couldn't agree more.

And Eric never showed up for his shift (never called or anything), so Ange asked Jess to come in, and when she arrived, was instantly in a better mood. Of course, that's probably because... how to say... Jess and Ange are more than just friends (you figure it out), and yeah. If I could ask her (Ange) one thing though, it'd be "Do you know what professionalism is?" Yeah, it's just a job at a fast food place, but it is still a job, and she should act appropriately.

Anyways though, after hearing that, she started laughing, and told practically everyone "Does she want my home phone number and address? I'll give them to her! She's not going to be able to do anything!" Wrong Ange. You keep up with that attitude and you'll come to regret it eventually.

I need to put my uniform in the wash though (two days left :3), then it's off to bed. Maybe play a bit of Picross DS first. We'll have to see~


Go me. Moved everything from the washer to the dryer, stuck a fabric softener thing in the dryer, and pressed the start button, but nothing happened, so I started getting worried that the dryer was broken, and wondered how I'd manage to have my uniform dried by the time I had to go to work, then realized the door was still open. Just excellent... ;_;

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