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Oh Manoah...

The three of us (being Josh, Manoah and I) were walking home from work the other night, and while crossing over the bridge (the one up by Canada Trust), I told them I had to stop by the bank to get money to go to Tim Hortons. Manoah, however, had seen me take three five dollar bills out of my pocket earlier, and asked me why I wouldn't just use those. Told him I wanted - no, needed, to save them for something. Wouldn't tell him what, mostly because the initial question caught me by surprise, and I didn't want to say too much. But as I've said in here at least once, I need to save money to pay the customs fees on those two tails I'm getting from SPark, and that's what I needed that money for.

Went into the bank, waited for the people in there already to realize they couldn't remember their PIN, withdrew $20, and opened the door to have Josh say to me "We've narrowed it down to one of the two P's. Porn or pot." Hmm. Don't smoke, definitely don't do any sort of drugs, and see no reason to pay for porn (heh), but I just told them "Nope. You're wrong." The next night, he (Manoah) told Steve all about that, so he came up with a guess of his own. A blow-up doll. I swear to God. I'd really like to know where they're coming up with these ideas. Although the tails are definitely linkable to furries, which have a more or less direct connection to porn (or yiff, if you prefer), and porn in general could be linked to a blow-up doll (God that sounds terrible), that's hardly the case here.

So tonight, I was recleaning the customer bathrooms because the original dining room closer didn't even touch them, and could hear Steve, Josh, and Manoah talking in on line. Josh said that next time he was over here, he'd end up taking a look under my bed and see an arm sticking out or something. Yes sir. You'll probably see something sticking out, but it won't be an arm. Aside from behind my chair (possibly), the only feasible place I can see to store that giant tail (and still have it "accessible" (as in not locked in my closet or whatever)) is underneath my bed :\ I'd rather not do that seeing as it's bound to get dusty and dirty under there, and the cats could very well cough up a hairball or something even worse on it, but we'll just have to wait and see. I really don't want to leave it out in the open (immediately, at least), because there's no way anyone in this house would be able to walk through my room, glance at it, and not have any questions :x

More fun coming up too. Mom and Dad leave for London (I think) sometime this morning, and won't be back 'till late Saturday night / early Sunday morning. Looking forward to actually walking to work tomorrow, even though it's bound to be humid out, which brings me to my next point.

When I walked in tonight, the lights were off in the whole back (as in from line to the back door) of the store, so I assumed it'd been unbearably warm earlier in the day. Shelia said she'd gotten sent home earlier because it was too hot, which is strange, but I wasn't about to ask why, because I was busy rotating stuff in the walk in.

Then I noticed that Steve was no longer closing. They're at it again. Calling in the closers to work supper shifts without so much as finding someone to take their place. Well, they did tonight, but their choice wasn't the best. They chose Manoah, even though he's supposed to have set days on and off. They should've called everyone else (that might close) first, then called him as a last resort, not just call the person that's most likely to come in right off the bat, when he's supposed to have a day off. So he was understandably pissed for the first half of the night, but calmed down near the end. Thank God I have one more shift before I get a day off, because I'm getting quite tired of this, and irritable, too.

And now I'm going to play either Warioland 3 or Picross DS. Trying to stay up 'till Mom and Dad leave, just to see them off, but not much aside from that :p

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