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Sent SPark another email last night to ask her how things were coming, and because she said she'd drop me a line as soon as she got home, which, according to her site, was on the 1st. By the time I woke back up, she'd sent a reply, saying that she was back home, and that she thought she'd already emailed me, and that she'd been working on the tail but it wasn't quite done. While I can see that happening / having happened, she honestly seems to be, how to say this very delicately, forgetting an awful lot (?), but it's also now been two months plus two days since I sent her the first email asking if it was even impossible to commission such a thing, so I am getting sort of impatient. But as things stand, I can see it (or them) arriving here by the end of August at latest. One more month...

And got to thinking last night that if Naomi did in fact take and hide that tail I got from Obliviousally (I really can't see it, but who knows), there's a chance she might do the same with these two, but then realized that I actually will have to pay for them when they get here, and I doubt she'll have any money readily available. And also, on a different topic, Naomi's supposedly paid Mom her $15 for the internet this month. I am so sure. But as for the tail, like I said before, if it hasn't shown up by the time the ones from SPark do, she'll be getting an email, because I know it's wrong to feel guilty about not getting something I paid for, and although I don't want to make her feel guilty as well, I'd still like her to know I'm not entirely happy.

So work tonight, with Michelle, Manoah, Josh (only 'till 3), either Steve or Josh. C, and me. Really looking forward to working with Michelle, because I want to tell her about what she missed the other night with Ange. I know she'll get a laugh out of it, because she things Ange can be a bit powerhungry and / or overbearing as well, so yeah. So many problems with that place. Not necessarily the building itself, but the people that work there. The freedom afforded by having everyone else concerned with their own little things is something I wouldn't have any other way though, so it's quite fine for now.

Oh my. I want that game so badly now :3 Not for the song or anything, but because the only song I have trouble with on Guitar Hero II now is Jordan, but that one actually looks somewhat possible... Not by much, but at least there's some sort of continuity to the notes as opposed to them going whichever way they feel like :x October 28th? Yes indeed~

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