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Extended Trip

Mom and Dad left a message about 11 this morning saying that they had gotten ahold of Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob, and thus would be going there for the day, and would be back tomorrow afternoon. I think I'm going to have to do some dishes tonight :p That and possibly at least try to clean up this room here. I also have to work tomorrow from 4 - 9 :\ And what's more after that, I close Monday too, have one more day off, then don't get any more 'till Friday and Saturday :x

On the topic of next Friday though, that should be when my tails from SPark will be getting shipped <3 Asked her last night if there was any chance it'd be done by next week, to which the answer was "I hope to have it done by the end of the day, but definitely by the end of the week", followed by asking if that meant it would be getting shipped on Friday, to which the answer was yes as well, so good. The one thing still left to be done is to warn everyone here that if it comes while I'm sleeping, that I'm to be woken up :p

So, movie at 7, and I've already given at least two people at work a warning that if they try to call me in, I'm going to hang up the phone. Manoah's already said he might be calling in sick (because he had something to do this morning, even though he closed last night), so there's a chance they'll try, but it won't be happening. 8 days are plenty enough for me. And besides, Ange is closing, and no.

And yeah. Got the last treasure on Warioland 3 last night, but I still have to go back through and get all the music coins now, so it's time to do that. Or at least try.

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