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Still So Tired

... ugh. As nice of a break as these supper shifts are from closing, I really, really hate the having to get up early part of it. Mom and Dad are nowhere to be found either (they said something about being back later on tonight, although doubtedly before my shift is over), so that's probably part of it too...

I know Josh also works, 5 to close, so it would not come as a surprise whatsoever if he were to say to me "Do you wanna stay an extra couple hours and close the dining room for us / me?" No Josh, I honestly don't. Yesterday was not a good day off (reason(s) why in a bit), and I'm still a bit miffed that Shelia thinks one day after eight straight closes is adequate. But as for yesterday, screw Josh once again.

He, Adam, Rob, and some other guy were playing Phantasy Star Universe on their 360s, mostly just having fun and such, but you would not believe Josh. He never even played the game before, but yet he'd somehow horned himself into the team leader's position, and made sure everyone was well aware of that. So they played the game for a good couple hours, up until I noticed it was getting really close to when Josh might want to consider leaving, so I had Adam ask him when we planned on going. "After this mission". 5 minutes after that, the phone rang. It was him, saying that it was too late, and that we'd be better off going to the 9:00 show. "I sort of gathered that", I told him, then hung up the phone, whereupon in rang again, just that time being Dad checking up on us to see if everything was alright.

So 8:30 eventually rolls around, and Josh is still playing the game, but they finally beat the boss they were fighting, Adam told Josh he had to leave, and I didn't hear his voice after that. Several minutes afterwards, someone opened the front door, walked into the dining room, and told us "I told Adam to tell you to start walking". Huh. I appreciate the thought and all, and I can understand it given the circumstances, but wouldn't we not have this problem if you'd left when you were supposed to? Honestly.

We got there just in time that, as we were sitting down, the lights started to dim. Talk about cutting it close. Movie was decent, save for one irritating part, but I can't remember what it was right now, so whatever. Got back home around 10:30, played Guitar Hero II for a bit while Josh talked to Rob, then he left, so I went upstairs to tuck my leftover money in with the rest of what I'm saving for the customs fees on those tails (at $110 right now :o), came back down here, did the dishes, then sat in front of the computer 'till 2 or so, at which point I realized I was way too tired, and went upstairs to bed.

And on the topic of money, I'm not quite ready to put an extra thousand in my savings account yet. I'm only $20 over 5 right now, which I'll easily end up spending between now and next Thursday. Especially when you consider that we have appointments to get our hair cut next Monday, and before that, I want to go to Value Village to grab a couple more shirts. Next pay definitely though.

Moving on though, other random funny things.

This, for example. Oh I see. Even more. WTF. Is that supposed to be some desperate attempt to get more visitors or something?

It is, unfortunately, 3:00 though, so I really ought to get my uniform together, and head to work :\

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