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What's the Matter Lately?

I'm this close to turning everything off down here, going upstairs to have a shower, and calling it a night. For one, I'm quite tired, and I'm also starting to get a headache. The tiredness could be attributed to working my entire shift today without once sitting down, but other than that, things went quite well. They had everything done save for one or two dishes, deckscrubbing, and the dining room when I got done at 9, so yeah.

Heard an interesting little something from Steve about Saturday night as well. Apparently he was on drive through, and had been getting solid cars since 10:00. At 12 or so, he asked people several times to help him, and nobody would, so he walked out. No sir. I don't care what your excuse is, but you don't just walk out in the middle of a shift with no explanation whatsoever. I've told him time and time again that compared to line, drive through is an easy position, so he should be glad to be on it, in such a situation, but I guess not. The interesting thing is that, as previously mentioned, he said he had solid cars but both Ange and Michelle were counting a till, and Manoah was off deckscrubbing. The only other person on was Josh C., and I find it hard to believe they'd leave him on line alone while there were nonstop orders. It just doesn't add up.

But that's his concern. If you ask me, it doesn't really add to his credibility as a hard worker, but whatever. And as a last note, even though they were wrapped up to and possibly after 12, Manoah said they got out of there at 4:30. The condition of the store could still be taken into account, but that's something that's to late to determine.

... yeah. I think my original plan is going to be the best solution. Maybe do one puzzle on Picross DS before I go to sleep or something, but otherwise, I'm just exhausted.

And on the way to the movie last night, Josh told me a couple things. One, his grandfather gave him $1,000 towards going back to college in the fall, and also, Joanne (Mark's wife) had her baby on the third or something, and he / she / it (he didn't specify, but I think there was something on the board at the back about them naming him / it "Ethan") died several hours later, and he went on after that about how we shouldn't expect to see Mark around for a while and such. I'm more apathetic about the whole thing though, so I shall keep my mouth shut :p Lord knows the last thing I need at work is people telling me how I should feel as well as what I should do :x

Mom and Dad are also back, in a fine bit of timing that saw them getting home about 10 minutes after I called to see if they were back yet :s Not much word of what they did while they were gone, but I suppose if it's one thing you want to do when you get back from a multiple day trip is to sleep in your own bed.

I know I certainly want to, even though I haven't gone on a trip (but I did walk to work and back), so it's time to go have that shower then see what happens afterwards.

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